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Nora – Season 3 – Episode 20

the queen moved closer to Nina and tries to bring her back, ”nora closed her eyes slowly and her breathing began to fade little by little, ”freddie u have to end all this and safe urself,” Nora said through their minds, ”but how,am too weak to do anything,”Freddie replied ”swim closer to my mother chair, under it u will see a huge glowing pearl,take it and destroy it and all this will be over,”Nora said and Freddie breath a little a swam his way to the chair he gathered all the strength he could get,the queen didn’t notice because she was still busy with Nina,when Freddie got to the chair he quickly grabbed the pearl which seems very heavy and he stood up ready to smash it on the floor, ”mother look,” nija panicked and the queen turned and saw freddie she gasped ”wat re u doing don’t u dare touch that thing,”the queen said breathing heavily and secredly ”i am going to break it,”freddie replied, ”dont do it Freddie,if u do we re all going to die,that will be the end of we sirens,that pearls is our life,”Nika warned while Freddie became confused ”dont listen to them Freddie just do it,”Nora said already crying and lying helplessly on the floor.

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