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Nora – Season 3 – Episode 18

her eyes were turning all round black and so was her hair and the same thing was also happening to freddie,he could feel the power flowing in him,the strength and also the hatred,Nora continue her spell,she was combining her witch and siren spell together, mighty wind started to blow, everywhere started becoming dark that none of them could see except Freddie and Nora,….back at the surface, everyone saw how the water started bringing heavy waves,all of them stood still wondering wat was going on in there, Nora took control of the darkness that hindered,she release her hands from Freddie and ordered Freddie to take the trigent from her mother,Freddie slowly walked up to the queen who wasn’t seeing anything at all and then grabbed a hold of the trigent,the queen gasped when the trigent suddenly skipped away from her hand but she couldn’t see to know who took it, ”so wat re u going to do now mother,”Nora said and everywhere became bright again,so Freddie handed the trigent to Nora and Nora breath in feeling the power of the trigent,the queen was speechless,she knows she was powerless without the trigent,now even her normal power can’t stop Nora now,before anyone could talk or even blink an eyes,Nora blasted her mother with the trigent without wasting time,but the queen stood up again, but Nora had no choice than to blast her over and over again,..Nina suddenly sneaked behind Nora and pushed Nora making her to throw the trigent away and immediately the queen got a hold of the trigent again, ”hahahaha foolish girl,”the queen said to Nora and Nora turned to Nina and used her eyes to control Nina choking her to dead immediately, ”what have u done”,the queen yelled and immediately uses the trigent on Nora again and this time Nora wasn’t herself, the queen hited her so hard that she could die any moment and so with Freddie.

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