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Nora – Season 3 – Episode 17

And their hair changed into colours too,all those things was happening to freddie too,but his legs never left,after minute of swiftly swimming,they all came across their siren home which looks more of a shrine to freddie, as the three of them swam in,the queen and the two other sisters stood behind their mother and the old witch still tied up ”i thought u wouldn’t come,I was about to kill the old witch,”the queen said and Nora started to boil in anger ”and u Nika,u re just like ur stupid sister Nora,I can’t believe u betrayed me,u betrayed us all,no wonder u two look so much alike,birds of the same feathers,I could have killed u both when I gave birth to u,”the queen added and Nika rolled her eyes ”just shut it mother,”Nora said angrily and the queen gasped,the queen became extremely angry and blast Nora with her trigent causing great pain for her and Freddie,the two of them fell helplessly on the floor while Nika tried to help,but Nina and nija quickly faced her, ”now let see wat u fools can do, Nora honey get up and face me or re u too tired”,the queen said and laughed hysterically,the old witch couldn’t held her breath much longer and all of a sudden and all of a sudden her eyes closed and that was the end of her,(the old witch), ”noo..”Nora cried bitterly, ”finally,this rotten old witch is finally dead,”the queen said smiling devilishly ”how could u do this mother,how could u,”Nora yelled with anger and hatred in her voice, ”because I wanted to,now it ur turn to die,”the queen said and laughed, ”freddie hold my hand,” Nora ordered,she and Freddie tried to catch their breath because the pain was becoming worst and they re getting weaker Freddie did as instructed,he held Nora’s hands tightly,while her mother watched and waited and she blast Nora again,Nina and nija held Nika tight so she won’t escape,Nora started some incantations,her eyes were turning all round black and so was her hair.

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