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Nonye’s Lessons (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Nonye’s Lessons (18+)

Nonye’s Lessons (18+)

Written by Edymaniac
“Time’s up, biros down, thank you for your time, boys and girls,” Mr. Tayo declared as the high-pitched sound of the school bell echoed down the hallways outside his classroom. Desperately trying to fill in one more blank or squeeze out that last essay, students grumbled, biros shifted and papers shuffled.
“Come on, come on, you’ve had plenty of time,” Mr. Tayo sneered, smiling. ” Nonye, please collect the exam materials.”
The pretty student-teacher stood to attention, her braids flying out as her head turned around to focus on Mr. Tayo.
“Yes, sir!” she replied, coming out of her daydream. She had been sitting at the front, facing the class all period, but hadn’t been paying attention. Really, there is not much to do when you’re invigilating an exam, and she had forgotten to bring her own textbooks so she could take advantage of the time to study. She had spent most of the period playing with her hair and playing with the hem of her black tight skirt.
Now, though, she jumped to her feet and walked up and down the rows, collecting the students’ papers. She worked quickly; Nonye wanted to please Mr. Tayo so he’d turn in a good assessment to her university professor.

As a 300-level student of the department of English education at the University of Lagos, this was her first experience in an actual classroom. She was expecting to teach younger students, though, not the class of secondary school seniors to which she had been assigned. Nonye had started university young, and now, at 20, was only a year older than most of her students.
Her little white shoes squeaked on the wooden floor as she turned down another row. “Moses, you need to stop writing and submit your papers,” she said kindly, stopping in front of a student’s desk.
“Ah ah…. relax joor, is it not your fault I have not finished up till now?,” he almost screamed with a rude tone before slamming down his biro and shoving his papers at the puzzled teacher’s assistant. Nonye frowned, but continued down the walkway.
Having collected each student’s exam booklet, Nonye presented them quickly to Mr. Tayo. “Have it, sir!” she smiled, bright eyes pleading for his favour.
“Thank you, my dear,” he smiled, taking them from her. “I’ve got to rush off to a staff meeting. Please tidy up the exam hall and make sure on your lock up before leave.” Mr. Tayo stuffed the exam papers into his brief case and made for the door.
“Yes, sir,” Nonye responded, eagerly. She turned towards Mr. Tayo’s desk and began straightening and sorting the few papers on his desk as the students filed out the door behind her.

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