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Night Of Passion +18 – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

He returned to kneeling between my legs. The veins on his d*ck were bulging
and I curled my toes as he entered me.

I cried out, feeling him fill me up wonderfully. “Oh, God,” I moaned, my
eyes tightly closed as I savoured the feeling. He hit my cervixx with his
first thrust and my hips jerked upwards, causing my wrist to pull against
his cock.

His hand came down and, using his thumb, he pressed against my clit so hard
it hurt. I screamed out loud at the mixture of pain and pleasure. He did
not stop sliding that sweet cock in and out of me, stretching my p*ssy over
and over again. One hand on the bed and one hand on my p*ssy he f*cked me
so deep and fast that my legs began to shake.

“Cum, cum for me, slut. Cum now!” He growled and I did. I shuddered and
quaked as hot juicy cum began spilling from my p*ssy. He groaned, soaking
his cock in it while still f*cking me hard.My moans had gotten a lot louder
and so had his.
He started f*cking with even more gusto until finally, he took out his
swollen dick and came to kneel at my chest again. Holding his cock to my
face, he started spraying me with cum, a lot of it. I closed my eyes to
protect them but opened my mouth so I could taste some. It was a
never-ending stream of cum and soon, my whole face was soaked.

I felt him get off me and my eyes were still closed. He removed the cuffs
and he lifted me, carrying me to the bathroom where I washed up.
Afterwards, he held me in his arms.

“You did good, babygirl,” he said, stroking my hair.

I smiled. I did good.

*The End*🖤💙💙💙🍓🍓🍓🍓🔞🔞🔞

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