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Night Of Passion +18 – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

Night Of Passion +18

Night Of Passion +18

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title:Night Of Passion +18Β 

Episodes: 3

Category: Romance, S*x

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Not for person under the age of πŸ”ž ( just an episode)



I was having the best of times with Bayo. S*x with him was beyond amazing

and I soon found out that he was into very crazy stuff.



Since the first time we f*cked, we had never had any dull session in bed.



After our second date, he took me to his house. It turned out his room was

made for f*cking, literally. There was a pole right in the middle of his

bedroom. His bedpost was perfect for cuffing girls and he had a special

drawer for some really freaky s*x tools.




That night, I laid on the bed, arms and legs spread apart while he cuffed

me to his bedpost. My n*pples were perky and pointing to the heavens and my

legs were so wide apart that I could feel cool air hitting me straight in

my pussy. He was still dressed while he tied me up and I got to lay there and watch him undress.

His eyes twinkled with excitement and as he took off his clothes, his focus

was solely on my naked body on the bed. My eyes followed his hands as he

began taking down his trousers and my p*ssy was heating up. When he was

done, he grabbed his cock and began to stroke.


This was my second time of f*cking him but damn, his cock still amazed me.

The first time, I could only feel how big it was because it was dark but

now, actually seeing him, it looked formidable. The more he stroked, the

bigger he got. I began to salivate, shifting as much as my restraints would

allow. My body craved him.



He walked closer to me, his large cock pointing eagerly towards me. That

shit was thicker than any cock I had ever seen. My right hand jerked

against my restraint because I suddenly had the urge to touch him and stroke him.


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