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Nigerian man to work with Adidas after sketching “Danfo-Themed” sneakers for them

A Nigerian man whose “Danfo” themed sketch for Adidas went viral has finally gotten an opportunity to work with the multinational corporation.Nigerian Man to work with Adidas
The young man Twitter handle @Shutabug went viral after he drew a canvas and painted it in a colour combination inspired by the popular Lagos ‘danfo’.

Adidas have now contacted the talented artist and have asked him to send a proper pitch of the proposed business idea to them.

Nigerian Man to work with Adidas

Reacting to the latest development, he took to his Twitter page and shared the good news with his followers.

His words, “The last 72 hours have been crazy. My sketch was meant to be a joke, but people pushed it and now I have a chance to send a proper pitch to Adidas. I can’t thank you all enough…

“This is where the hard work starts. It’s one thing to post a sketch and have it go viral and it’s another thing to actually get a shoe designed and put into production. Please understand that this might fall through and be nothing more than a viral sketch at the end of the day.

“Nevertheless, I promise to give this my absolute best and learn from the experience. Thank you so much for all your help. Please keep me in your prayers.”

If things go well, it is safe to say that this very business idea might just change his life for better.

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