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Next Time – Season 1 – Episode 8 [Completed]

Episode 8


He fucked me hard, without hesitation. His eyes watching my tits as they bounced up and down with each plunge. I took one hand from the edge of the table and reached down, putting my fingers on either side of his cock as it moved in and out of me. This kind of fucking is what I refer to as ” no mercy.” I squeezed his moving shaft between them and felt the wetness and the erotic friction of his cock where it entered my body. He looked up into my eyes a little surprised at my boldness and then let them drop down at where our bodies met.


I was using my fingers to play with my clit, seeking more pleasure from it. His thrusts sped up, got more urgent and I knew he was getting close. He pushed my legs back, bending them at the knee as I rubbed my clit hard, my back arching as I came one more time for him. I cried out as my pussy spasmed around his cock and seemed to trigger his release.


I had a nice moment looking straight into his eyes, I wasn’t sure if it was for pleasure or lust. He was fully ready to get back into me as I saw his cock fully erected.


His cock jumped inside me, jerked as he emptied himself into my body. He shuddered as he held himself still, obviously lost in his own little way. I squeezed my inside muscles, milking every last bit of pleasure from him that I could before he collapsed on top of me.


His head lay between my breasts, his breath coming fast as I ran my fingers through his short hair, in no real hurry for either of us to move.


I felt his cock soften and slowly slip from my sex, our juices mingling as they seeped from my body and tickled my sensitive areas as they ran from my body. We both took our time to come down from the incredible sexual high.


He lifted his head and looked at me, I could feel that great feeling of satisfaction in his face. One that matched that of mine, before I smiled back.


“That was so amazing!” I nodded in agreement, wondering how the hell he was able to construct whole, legible sentences so soon after that experience, many won’t even know the word to use in such situation. I had to think really hard to remember my name at that point.


I was pretty sure I was dehydrated after that orgasm fest and more than a little surprised I wasn’t laying in a boneless pool on the floor at his feet. We both set to wear back our clothes, it has been flung around the room, we were even throwing them away at any sight during the time we were having our great moment.


I checked my buttons three times to make sure I hit the holes in the correct order. I thought I did a good job until he came over to me, chuckling under his breath and fixed the obviously folded over collar of my blouse and un-tucked the back of my skirt from its waistband.


I smiled at him, still a bit amazed and not sure exactly what to say. He took care of that for me, with an almost shy smile he asked,


“Can I be so honoured to see you again?”


Again? Oh yes! That would be very great, and I can tell, you really enjoyed it.


The little cheering section in my brain did the dance of joy as I wrote down my home and cell numbers and handed it to him. He received it gladly.


I nodded and smiled at him, liking the the expression of satisfaction written clearly on his face. This is greates moment I ever had. then I said my most and then goodbyes, telling him I’d talk to him in a while.


I forgot all about my new shoes until I hit the concourse in the mall and hear them clicking on the tiled floors. I stopped at a floor length mirror as I passed a display window and grinned.

I was already looking forward to dinner another helping of him for dessert.


I took a step and I could feel the heat coming out of my clit, then was the time I knew what I signed in for. I also thought about many things at that moment, starting from when I came in with the intention of buying a good and sexy shoe, and something was speaking in my mind…… God! There must be next time for this.


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