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Next Time – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7


I could feel it, the head of his cock having is way through my wet cunt, he was d9ing it so desperately in a way that shows that he wanted to increase the pace. I arched my back as he bumped my clit making my whole body shudder from the contact before he found the opening to my body.


He filled me with one hard stroke, burying himself deep. We both moaned as my body gripped him, his beautiful cock was hot and hard as he slid almost all the way out of me and then buried himself hard again.


My body was so much at work, I was enjoying every moment like it should never stop. My pussy clamped down tight around him like a hot, wet vice as I came hard on his moving cock. He covered my mouth with one hand as I started to almost scream each time he hit bottom and prolonging the intense pleasure he was giving me.


The feeling of his balls hitting the soft skin of my ass as he pounded into me. His hot breath on my back. The slight bend in his shaft hitting what I can only call my trigger. It all seems to make the perfect storm of sensations in my body.


I came over and over, my eyes tearing as the pleasure he was giving me seemed to consume my whole body. I garnished his cock with my juices again, letting him feel hos wet he has made me become, and I could see clearly the feeling of satisfaction appearing on his face.


He slowed as my storm seemed to weather and my muscles clenching around his length slowed. He turned me, lifted me by the hips and he started looking for the perfect place to place me, which he finally found the edge of the table suitable.


I took advantage of the position and pulled his head close and kissed him, long and slow. He started moving  between my legs and entered my body again without breaking the kiss. His cock stretching me, he started thrusting back and forth again in a very slow motion.


We both kissed pleasurably for a time like ten minutes, he was using his hands to cup breast, while I was using mine to grab his shaft, he seemed to be more carried away in what he was doing. I was feeling him rub my nipples slowly, the started becoming hard. Damn! I was enjoying every bit of it. He dipped his head ending the kiss and drew one hard nipple into his mouth.


My arms shook from holding the top half of my body up while I watched his mouth on me. He sucked and bit down lightly on one nipple then moved the other. The way I feel wasn’t a way of giving easy explanation, my hard nipples was what wasbecoming the center of pleasure right now, I wasn’t so sure if he was done with my clit.


I was stretched from my nipples to my clit and I felt every lick, every nip between my legs. His cock hitting that same wonderful spot again and again. But this time it was more of a massage as he built the sensations gradually in me and sent me higher and higher.


I reached over my head and gripped the edge of the table for leverage, I rolled my hips against him, making sure I got every last inch of his cock as he sank into me. He lifted my legs over his shoulders so each thrust was as deep as it could be, he straightened up and grabbed the heels of the sexy red shoes that were still on my feet and sped up, holding my legs high and pounding into my sex hard and fast.

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