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Next Time – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6


My whole body shivered as I finally moaned that I couldn’t take anymore and tangled my fingers in his hair, pulling his mouth from me and leaning forward to kiss his lips, shiny with my juices. His hands held my face as I kissed him hard, it was a passionate “thank you” kiss for him without words for the pleasure he’d just treated me to.


I knew there were a perfect way to thank someone in this kind of situation, and I’m willing to do just that.


I took his hand and dipped, letting him know it was time for payback. He stood just in front of the chair and I looked up and smiled at him, he looked at me with some kind of eye….. To me, it seems he want me fully, because he wasn’t talking and all I could see him do is try to catch his breadth.


His cock was beautiful, I grabbed it tightly in my hand, well if one could ever be. I licked my lips at the small spot of pre-cum sighted on the soft skin of the head. I leaned in close and flicked my tongue out, tasting him as my hand moved slowly up and down his length. I laved the tip and teased him, running my tongue around the rim as my hand slowly traveled up and down, squeezing and exploring him.


I tried to close my eyes in order to concentrate on the musky scent of him, the feeling of having his full cock overwhelmed me. I gripped him where his cock met his body and closed my eyes, taking the tip between my soft lips and sucking him slowly, making him find it difficult to catch his breadth. It is exactly what I wanted.


His fingers wrapped themselves in my long hair, he was feeling it. I wasn’t sure the reason why he was doing it, possibly for it to turn me on fully again, but for whatever reason it was really having its impact on me. I heard his moans as I dragged my lips back up his length. I glanced up at him, his head back, his eye closed as I took him in again and again. I started it with a slow at pace, my hand following my lips with a kind of squeeze and rotate motion as I slipped up and down, my tongue swirling over his length while I watched him jerk.


“Now is the time”, I said to myself. I sucked him harder, my head bobbing faster as his hips moved with the rhythm I was setting until I moved my hands and dug my fingers into the soft cheeks of his ass letting him set the pace as he slid his cock between my lips. He started fucking my mouth in a mimic of what I hoped would be how he would be fucking me soon.


He tugged me the few steps to the worktable and pushed me up against it. I braced my arms in front of me as I felt his fingers ran up the back of my skirt and his hard cock press against my soft ass. I leaned forward, in a blatant invitation that he took no time in accepting.

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