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Episode 5


I felt his hands sliding higher up the outside of my thighs as moved my mouth from his and bit lightly into the soft skin of his neck. He smelled good. I ran my tongue down the column of his throat. God…He tasted even better.


We were both struggling to catch our breadth, “this is so amazing” I thought to myself. His hands slid over the tops of my thighs and pushed my legs wider to give him access to where I wanted his touch the most.


I watched him using his hands to cross my thighs, he was going to put it into my dick was what I was thinking, I was damn wet and I could feel the heat emanating from in between my legs.. I just want him to go down right there, he was wasting time and this was what I couldn’t afford anymore, it starts to piss me off.


All I could do was moan, to keep him back in track. He fumbled with the buttons on my blouse with his free hand while I all but attacked the buttons on the front of his jeans.


His cock popped into my palm, hot, hard and big! I’m not talking uncomfortably huge or anything like that, but I did have a hard time making my fingers meet around him as I gripped him tight and stroked his length. I loved hearing his sharp intake of breath as he finally got my blouse open and my bra undone.


I groaned very loud as his mouth found one nipple, drawing it between his lips. He sucked hard and I can het he was good at it. He then used his teeth on me, nipping and teasing until I cried out from his assault. He moved to the other. My hand stayed on his cock, stroking slowly as his mouth on my tits and his clever fingers on my sexy teased body.


He pulled back from me and kissed me again, untangling my hand from his length, which took a moment cause I really didn’t want to let him go of me, not at that moment.


I sensed his teeth cross my inner thigh as he bit me there lightly, first one side…then the other. Then it was all a blur, his hands moved fast and tugged my panties down my legs, his arms was placed under my knee. Then before it really sunk in about what he was about to do, my hips were being pulled forward in the chair and his mouth was placed right on my pussy.


I screamed out at the first contact, as his hot tongue probed the soft, wet folds of my sex. He flicked lightly over my clit then laved downward, dipping his tongue into me. I moaned low as he wiggled his tongue into my opening, one of my hands moving to his head as my hips rolled slightly. I am actually loving it.


He dug his tongue right back in my clit, his fingers going where his tongue just was as he thrust two into me at the same time his lips locked around my nub and sucked.


I placed his face into me, grinding against his tongue as I cried out, orgasm was taking over my whole body as all my muscles clenched around his still moving fingers. He stabbed at my clit with his tongue, moved his fingers against the flesh of my pussy and I was launched to the moon twice more.


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