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Episode 4


My eyes nearly popped out of my head at his words, it was like something out of a bad romance novel. I couldn’t say anything as his hand moved over the soft skin of my calf. I thanked god I had the foresight to shave my legs the night before. If there’s any preparation I need, it’s what I have already done.


I started feeling heat between my legs. I was feeling anxious and furious at the same time. I was thinking he brought me here for we both to have a nice time while he kept wasting a hell of a time. I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I asked.


“Dan, what exactly are we doing here in the first instance?”


He smiled as his hand slipped a little higher and rested on my knee, the other moving to its partner.


“Well Nat, I wanted you to know how much some men appreciate sexy shoes like these one I am just giving you,” He moved a little closer, now his hands are shifting my legs apart. His body only inches from mine. With his naked eyes looking deeply into my own his next words just about made me swoon, well that’s if I was the swooning type.


I wasn’t really satisfied with what he was doing right now, I wanted to open my mouth and shout at him. Query him like: Do you know the meaning of what you are doing right now? Has someone asked you to deal with me before?


But I didn’t get a word out; he did a very surprising thing at that moment, he kissed me. This kissing went really hard.


I didn’t want to be left alone in this , so I opened my mouth and accepted his kids fully, my tongue twisting around his, me trying to catch my breath which I have been holding for long. I felt my pussy is on fire, but I don’t really care because that moment must not be ruined.


I shifted, pressing my sex against the hard ridge in his jeans, rocking my hips a bit and shimmying my top half so my hard nipples pressed against him and rubbing against the soft satin of my bra.


At that moment I was so happy it wasn’t laundry day and I was actually wearing something sexy under my skirt and blouse instead of cotton granny panties or something embarrassing like that.

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