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Episode 3


“Oh I think I will take this! They are very beautiful and it is exactly my taste. Thank you…..” Uhmmm (trying to make him say his name).


“It’s Dan, my name is Dan” He extended his hand and I shook it, “And you’re more than welcome.” He smiled and tilted his head towards the back of the store, “Maybe we should take them back and put them on the rack if you plan on wearing them home today and don’t want blisters by the time you get there?”


I had no idea what he was talking about…well I did about the blisters, which I felt already forming, but not ‘the rack’ as he put it.


“Will you come with me pls….?” he turned down a hall as I followed slowly.


“Its Nat.” I smiled and wondered if it might have looked like more of a grimace as each step I took brought a whole new level of pain to my feet.


I watched him stop at the door entrance, he punched in the password keys to the door. He asked me to enter, the place was so cool and nice, I don’t  know what he’s up to but whatever it is I wanted to know. This sexy guy will be mine. I was standing at a corner inside the place he took me to, observing what is about to happen.


“Just sit there please Nat.”


Dan pointed at the chair and smiled at me. I all but ran to it and sighed loudly as I got off my aching feet.


He pulled some kind of machine off a shelf and put it onto the tall table besides me. This must be the rack I thought to myself; it had one of those little wooden foot things at one end and some kind of control at the other.


He took a moment to set it up and then plugged it into the wall under the table, making me examine hoe good he can be. I think I moaned a little out loud because when he stood again he had kind of an odd look on his face.


He smiled again as he knelt at my feet, one hand lifting my foot. He spoke low as I shifted a bit to keep my skirt from riding too high up my thighs.


“These are some good sexy shoes I have here Marie,” His fingers moved over the closed toe of my right foot  then slowly up the straps wrapped around my ankles. My breathing came a little faster as he stroked the soft skin between the straps and looked up at me, “This is really going to be perfect for a sexy woman like you.”


I swallowed so hard I nearly choked. My god! Was he coming onto me?


“These are the kind of shoes that every man would love to see on his woman…” He looked down at my foot and corrected himself, “More like, what every man would love to see on his woman when having some nice moment.”

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