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Episode 2


I finally gain consciousness after him calling me for sometime. ” Are you okay ma?”, he asked. “Yeah, perfectly!” he went back to the store where he brought the first shoe from to help me get my red sexy shoe. This gave me more time to have a good look at what I wanted.


After about 3 mins, I saw him coming out with about 5 boxes which made mw think he was willing to give me the choice of selection. Immediately he got to where I was staying, he stretched out the boxes to me.


His soft fingers traced lightly over my instep as he slid the shoes onto my feet. I actually felt my body start to respond to his indifferent touches, my pussy growing a little wet as he took his time wrapping the long strap slowly around my ankle.


I tried to think about something else: my shopping list… ithought about the books I have read, movies I have watched, but what kept coming to my mind is the view of his fingers running through my biceps. “This guy is going to be the death of me”, I told myself.


I cleared my throat as his fingers lingered against my ankle, his eyes meeting mine.


“Now those are some hot shoes! Why not get up and see how they feel?”


His voice was low and I was very happy when he asked for my hand with the intention of helping me to get on my feet. I started imagining his hands running through my nerves, I am starting to have something for this man even though I just met him.


He suggested I walk around a bit.


I walked slowly to the full length mirror on the adjacent wall without falling on my face, yes the shoes were sexy as hell by my feet felt like they were being squashed and tortured in some kind of medieval torture device with each step I took. I actually grimaced on my way over then smiled and gritted my teeth as I glanced at them on my feet.


Sexy was an understatement! They were glorious and indeed beautiful!


I smiled as I was turning around, I thought about my old age, but something still give me hope, which is the fact that I look very young for my age. They were mine! And I was wearing them home that very day!


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