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Neighbourhood sex – Episode 9

The second day was market day, sikirat came to my house as
usual. This time, she wasn’t looking happy.

ME: sikkybaby, what’s wrong with you?
SIKIRAT: just leave me ooooooooo
ME: what’s wrong?, have I offended you?
SIKIRAT: I heard aunty janet calling you on phone yesterday
saying she has reached home. It means she came here

ME: rara oooo, she called me that she want to go somewhere,
and I told her to let me know when she is back maybe I can
come and tutor her. That’s all
SIKIRAT: are you sure?
ME: yes dear. Don’t you trust me again?
SIKIRAT: ****smiles*****, u thought she came here ni, I don’t
want to share you with anybody
ME: ****wahala don dey ooo****. Trust me dear
She smiled, we had a 40mins maths lesson, then a hot 2 rounds
of s*x before she leaving for market after collecting her earing.
Week after week. I continued my tutorial at the white house. I
don’t Bleep janet there. Instead, I will do that whenever she
comes to my house. I was always serious whenever I was
around. If janet wants to be free with me, she will send sikirat on
an errand because I told her that sikirat might inform madam
about us. And when its friday nights, I will resume my
sexcapades with sikirat. I so much like sikirat because she was
skillful, smart and intelligence, but I love janet because of her
milk factory. Sikirat was becoming suspicious about I and janet,
but I will keep assuring her that nothing was going on. And she
dare not to confront janet about it. Everything was going
smoothly Not until about 4 weeks to jamb when madam called
me to see her on a sunday evening and its very important, she
was so scary on the fone. I was scared “cheiii, wind don blow,
fowl yarnsh don open”
After church on that sunday, my mind wasn’t settled. I was
wondering what could have happened?, why madam’s voice was
so harsh?, why she wanted to see me urgently?.

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I summoned the
courage and went to the white house.
I entered the compound, knocked on the door. On entering the
house, I met janet, sikirat and madam in the living room. Janet
was sitting beside madam while Sikirat knelt down at the corner
of the 3-seater.

I was so scared that my heart was beating heavily. The look on
sikirat’s face was indicating that she was in trouble. Madam
wasn’t smiling either. Janet looked at me with a straight face and
this scared me the more.

MADAM: onihaxy, welcome
ME: yes ma. How was service today?
MADAM: ***dropped her drinking cup on the stool***. It was fine.

I heard something about you so I sent for you
ME: ***temi bami, heart beating heavily, looked at sikirat and still
clueless***, hope nothing ma?
MADAM: there is a problem. Meanwhile, can you see sikirat over
ME: **wahala don happen, dem don catch us*** yes ma. What
was her offence ma?
MADAM: she has started stealing. Whenever she went to market,
its either money get lost, or she buys item lesser than the list I
gave her. I even heard she is having a boyfriend in this

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ME: **i looked at sikirat again, I felt guilty because I knew I was
the reason for the food shortage, her eyez were soaked with
tears** mummy, please forgive her ma. She won’t do that again.
JANET: **interfered into the coversation**, sikirat is just too lazy
and silly. Her funny character this days is becoming alarming. It
seems she is pregnant sef.
ME: ***screamed** preg what ?
MADAM: sikirat!!!!, is that true
SIKIRAT: no ma oooo, I’m not pregnant ma**panting***.
MADAM: first thing tomorrow morning, I’m taking you to the
hospital for a test
ME: ****chaiiii, I don enter am. But I always condomize my s*x?,
or has it ever leaked or burst?, or is sikirat having another
fu-Cker?, can she truly be pregnant?, I became
uncomfortable*****. I trust sikirat very well ma. She doesn’t look
wayward to me, I’m very sure she isn’t pregnant ma. Pls forgive
her ma.
MADAM: you are saying so because you don’t live with us here.
If you live here, you would known better that she is lazy and
useless. sikirat!, get out of my sight, I will resume with you later.
So lesson teacher, back to my previous discussion.
ME: ***heart skipped beats again. This time, I heart beat could
be noticed by the movements of my cloth***. Ok ma. What
happened ma?
MADAM: I went through janet’s lesson note and discovered that
it was scanty.
ME: really?
MADAM: yes, infact, I gave her an exercise from past questions
and she failed it.

ME: haa
MADAM: and she told me that you haven’t be frequent and
regular again.
ME: ***i looked into janet’s eyes with disappointment, she looked
at me with a somehow face. “this is a pure lie, she was the one
skipping classes. But how do I justify this****
MADAM: so is this what I’m paying you for?,
ME: not so ma. I can explain, eeemmmm.
JANET: ***before I could utter a word, janet interfered***, no ma,
most of the time, we always do oral tutorial, so I don’t write
much notes, he is trying his best ma.
MADAM: but I’m not satisfied. JAMB is just 3 months away, I
can’t watch you fail again this time.
ME: I will improve ma. I will try my best
MADAM: this is what I want. I want you to engage her in
tutorials throughout the day. Even saturday and sunday should
be inclusive. After dinner, she should be having sessions before
going to her bedroom. We can re-negotiate the fees, I just want
the best for her.
ME: ok ma. But concerning the sessions after dinner, it will be a
bit difficult because of my area. Its dangerous walking around at
MADAM: then start living here for the duration. Afterall I have
given you a room here, you are the one who refused to use it. I
will even prefer you stay here so that you can help me to handle
sikirat with iron hand, it seems janet cannot handle her alone in
my absence.
ME: ok ma, no problem.
Chaii, e don happen, living in same house with my 2 fu-Ckers.
How I go take do am?..

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