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Neighbourhood sex – Episode 13

After sikirat’s departure. Janet became the cook. Her food wasn’t
as delicious as that of sikirat, but it was manageable. Janet was
something else, she would act strict and bossy whenever madam
was around, she would insult me and shout at me to the extent
that her mummy would beg me to ignore and disregard her. But
after her mummy’s departure to work and gideon’s departure to
school, the compound would become a s*x zone.

We would
dance, bleep, gist, eat and end it with tutorial sessions. On many
occasions, we would be running around the house while Unclad.

Throughout the first week, I missed sikirat so much that I do call
her frequently. But in the second week, the passion for sikirat
reduced drastically as janet was killing me with love and
romance. I had to switch off my phone or placed it on silence
whenever janet is around me.

Three weeks gone, sikirat hadn’t returned and next weekend is
jamb examination. Throughout the week, I was busy preparing
janet for exam, its was then that I learnt her centre was in Ibadan
and she would have to travel on friday morning and lodge at her
uncle’s residence in Ibadan. I talked to my friends who are into
examinations “runs” to send answers to me during the exam
which I planed to send to janet without madam’s knowledge
because I was very sure we didn’t prepare very well for the
On friday morning, madam told me to follow her in her car, she
would drop me at her friend’s store to get some items for janet
before she leaves for ibadan. As we were driving in her car, she
kept patting my laps at interval whenever we discussed
something funny. We had series of discussion about sikirat’s
mother who died, about janet and jamb, about how I see her
house,she told me I will be helping with cooking pending janet’s
arrival, she asked about my girlfriend of which I kept smiling at
intervals and she kept patting my laps. She finally dropped me at
a supermarket and had a private discussion with the shop owner
and she left.

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The super mart owner gave me tin of milk and milo, soaps, and
some other gift items. I returned home on a bike, Janet picked
out of the items I brought and she left for the garage which I
followed her. After her took off, I returned home. I don’t know
where to put the remaining items I brought from the supermart so
I took everything into my room waiting for madam to arrive and
sort them out.
At about 6pm, janet called to inform me about her successful
journey. She told me to go to the kitchen and see the food
timetable for that night. “Chaiii, I don turn house boy for here, see
wetin sikirat’s absence don cause”. I placed a call to sikirat for
guild lines on how to prepare porridge which was on the time
table, sikirat laughed at me to the extreme on the phone. She
even flattered me saying “I pray make aunty janet spend one
week so dat u go be the cook for a whole week”. I followed her
instructions and prepared the porridge. Gideon was so spoilt that
he couldn’t boil an ordinary water. His laziness made the whole
cooking stressful.
I served myself and gideon because madam hadn’t arrived from
the bank. After eating dinner, I went to bed immediately at
around 7:30pm because I was so tired. At few minutes past 8pm,
I heard madam’s voice in the living room. I overheard her
chatting with gideon about dinner and the person who cooked it.
I overheard her commenting on the food as she was eating. She
asked of me from gideon and she was told I had gone to bed. She
bid gideon “goodnight” and went into her room.
20minutes after madam entered her room. My phone ranged. I
looked at the screen and it was madam calling. I picked it.
ME: hello ma.
MADAM: onihaxy the international cook
ME: **laughed** I only tried my little best ma
MADAM: you tried sha. But janet and sikirat will beat you in
cooking any day anytime.***laughed**
ME: ***laughed back*** ok ma, I will improve tomorrow morning
MADAM: ok dear. meanwhile, where are the bathing soaps you
brought from the supermart, I couldn’t find it in the bathroom.
ME: its with me ma, I don’t know where I will drop them so I took
them to my room.

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MADAM: ohhh God!!!. I need it urgently to take my bath with it.
Please bring one into my room right away
ME: ***amazed***, ok ma, I’m coming right away.
She hanged up. I was wearing only boxers and singlet, I took the
whole polythene bag containing the items and went straight to
madam’s room.

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