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Neighbourhood sex – Episode 11

Tuesday was the next market day. Sikirat arrived as usual. She
was behaving funny. I knew it has to do with what happened
yesterday but I decided not to talk, I want her to express herself.
And finally she did.

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SIKIRAT: onihaxy, what is going between you and aunty janet? Be
sincere please.
ME: I am her teacher and she is my student
SIKIRAT: I’m aware of that already, tell me the one I don’t know
ME: and what could that be?,
SIKIRAT: you are pretending abi?, I know you will pretend. Just
don’t worry, you hear!!***she hissed and frowned***
ME: **came closer and pet her**, I’m not pretending sikkybaby,
Its just that I don’t understand what you are driving at. Can you
be elaborate please?
SIKIRAT: ***silence for a while*** ok, what happened in aunty
janet’s room yesterday? Because I heard her screaming and
m0an!ng before you came out.
ME: ** chaiii, temi bami. Sikirat don catch me red handed”**.
Nothing happened dear. She told me her computer was faulty, so
I volunteered to help. That was why I followed her to her room to
check it
SIKIRAT: ok, go on
ME: after fixing the system. She told me she wanted to be an
actress. She said she went for an audition somewhere.
SIKIRAT: continue
ME: then I asked her what happened at the auditioning, she told
me they were told to act a romance scene.
SIKIRAT: ***she was buying the lies*** ok, I’m listening
ME: so she said she was told to act a romance scene with a guy,
screamed and m0aned in the scene. So I told her to demonstrate
how she did it for me. And that was what led to the sound you
SIkIRAT: are you sure that was what happened?
ME: trust me dear.
SIKIRAT: ok love, I have heard you, I thought both of you bleeped
ni **** she hugged me****. So when are you moving into our
ME: this weekend.
SIKIRAT: that is good, we will be sneaking into our rooms at
ME: ***which kind girl be this na?, she wan get me implicated
ooo***. That is not a good idea sikirat. Madam will not forgive us
if we were caught. Let’s keep maintaining our friday nights only.
Or if we were alone at home.
SIKIRAT: just kidding. I have heard you.
ME: ok sikkybaby
SIKIRAT: one more thing, nothing must happen between you and
aunty janet oo. Or else!!!!!
ME: or else what?
SIKIRAT: I will expose all of us. If any janet wants to snatch
what belongs to me, I will rather scatter everything, and I mean it
ME: ****chaii, this girl looks serious ooo,”
She left for market while I kept wondering how my stay will look
like at the white house. When it was friday afternoon, I called
madam to inform her of my packing in. I picked few shirts,
trousers, shoes and cosmetics. White house, here I
I arrived at the white house that night, I was welcomed by the
whole house. Sikirat helped me with my luggage to my room
while I remain seated on the sofa.
MADAM: mr teacher, I hope you remembered why u are here?
ME: yes ma.
MADAM: make your self comfortable. What ever you need, sikirat
will get them for you.. Just make sure my janet is well and
adequately tutored. She must not fail again this time
ME: ok ma
Janet was sitting on the other side of the chair winking at me.
Sikirat came back to the parlour to inform madam about what
she was cooking.
“Onihaxy, dinner will be ready soon, just be patient. Maybe you
should go to your room to freshen up and relax. Janet will start
her “after dinner lesson” today” said madam. I stood up from the
chair, went into the guest room which was made available for
me.. It was well arranged, as I sat down , a text came in from
janet “you are welcome, I will make you enjoy your stay”. Chaiii,
make this girl no put me into trouble oooo..
At 7pm. Dinner was ready, sikirat was sent to call me. “Ko ko ko
ko” she knocked, its me sikirat, dinner is ready. I opened the
door and noticed sikirat was still standing at the entrance. I
looked at her and she smiled back at me and whispered “thank
God today is friday”.
I went to the dinning, I met janet, gideon and madam already
sitted, I noticed sikirat was not sitting among us but I can’t ask
why. I guess probably because she was a maid. Madam started a
topic about “banks and how they recruit people from every fields
and how engineering students gets the job better than the
banking students”. I contributed to it and debated intelligently on
it, madam was so amazed with how I talked. She patted me on
my laps and said “Good boy”. My J0yst!ck signalled, I was surprised
and shocked because her hand almost touched my
” Janet, hurry up and get set for lesson” madam said to janet.
Madam stood up and walks slowly into her room. “Oh my God,
madam looks sexier in mini night gown, the dress managed to
longer a bit from her a$$ region. Her a$$ was fitted in it, her
b0s0ms were doing oscillation up and down while the a$$ was
vibrating left and right as she was walking”. I stopped glancing
when janet noticed my eye direction. She looked at me with a
straight face.
I tutored her janet till 8:43pm. She was behaving as if she was
forced to learn… Something happened that night. Madam came
out of her room at around 9pm wearing a long sleeve top and a
long skirt. She called on janet to inform her that its time to go for
vigil, janet said she wasn’t feeling too fine and won’t be going.
Madam went into sikirat’s room, she spent up to 15minutes
before coming out and she bid us bye-bye as she entered her
jeep and left for church.

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