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My Wedding Night – Season 1 – Episode 2

My Wedding Night

My Wedding Night

My body pressed softly upon Damian we kissed. His long hard erection pressed upon my smooth m—d. My firm
meager frontal m—-s pressed
into his warm chest. My hard ni.pples touched his as our
bodies collected each other’s sensual heat.

He ran his hands over the soft roundness of my as.s and I felt my feet leaving the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist and and rested my head in
the crook of his neck and shoulder, letting him carry me to our bed.

As he laid me down on the satin sheets, my fingers trailed a path down his broad
chest. He s——-d my top half with his arms as he looked into my eyes. My hair
splayed along the pillow and I smiled at him as I spread my legs to accept him once again.

My body shivered from the jolt of him piercing my kit.ty. The feel of his erect hard round head poking through my membrane filled
me with a lovingly intense pressure that showed me what
he felt for me. In return, my body
passionately gripped him as he slowly filled me.

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I let out a whimper as his body connected to mine, I scraped my nails on his back in a soft touch as the
feeling of him touching my skin
sent tingles through me. He groaned as I did that and began
rocking on my body slowly as he always did. I felt every ridge of his long erection in my sensitive supple walls as he slid in and out.

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The warmth of his manhood inside me made me glad he was my man and I was
his woman. I scraped my fingernails long and slow and harder along his back as he continued the slow
rhythmic movement into me. My breathing quickened as he
pulsed inside my I felt each beat of his heart in his
hard c–k buried deep inside me.
It was not only the rhythm of love that pounded there, but also the passion he felt for me. I became wetter and wetter as my love for him coated his hardness.
This was what making love truly
felt like.

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Even through my sensual moans, the slick slurping sounds
came from me as he slipped in and out and resonated off the
walls in our room. The sound of our lovemaking was beautiful.
The slapping of our bodies together with every insertion he made into me reverberated in my ears and made me bite my lips. The plunging tones from wet friction as his rock hard c–k filled me made my body writhe with pleasure under him. He was the only guy that made me feel fulfilled.

I gripped the sheets into my fists as I felt myself getting ready to c-m. His movements even
began to slow as I felt him getting close. My c.lit pounded against him each time he sank deeper into me. I began to breathe deeper and quicker as
my c—-x sprang forth. He was almost at a snail’s pace as he
began to let his cream fill his manhood in my womanhood. I felt him get even harder as he entered the point of no return. He moaned as he poured into me.
We cummed in unison
again and I loved how we almost always did that. It was such a passionate euphoric

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My body began to relax in sexual gratification under him as he waited to get himself as he always did after
he had expelled himself. The feeling of his c–k going from
hard to soft inside me felt so wonderful. And when he slid it out! The slide of his softness on my wet sensitive walls was so
tantalizing. It was a feeling that I
could never describe.
I intertwined my
hand into his, held it and closed my eyes while his heartbeat
pounded a rhythm against my body.

Falling asleep, i prayed for our love to forever be strong, but unfortunately i woke up the following morning to see a knife buried in his chest. Our bed sheet soaked with blood.

To be continued.

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