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My Tearful Tale – Season 1 – Episode 23

My Tearful Tale

My Tearful Tale

I tried to pick the voice but I was too scared to think straight. The voice sounded familiar but I just could not place it. I felt as hot urine flowed down my laps on to the bed. The person chuckled then he pinched my nipple and dragged it hard. I groaned in pain but could not scream out because of the cloth covering my mouth;

Man: “we are going to have a splendid time together. I have promised my friends a great night and I intend to deliver. I hear you have had this experience before. I can understand the intensity of the feeling. This one is going to be more special, you know why?” he said, then I felt a needle pierce my skin. “That’s for starters. A little morphine then we will move onto harder stuff.” He added.

If my mouth was free then I would have begged for my life, promise heaven and earth to be free but my mouth was tied shut. I heard footsteps and whispered conversation the a hand covered my breast and squeezed

Man: “the first day I saw you, I knew I had to have you. I knew I was going to be the one to wipe that acid tongue on the ground. You thought you were a princess because the old man in his empty chamber told you, you were special? You are even a bigger fool than your slut mother. Anyway, when I am done with you, I am going to tie you to the head of my bed and let you lick my feet and fuck my friends for food. You will be so used that for the rest of your life all you will see will be the ceiling and the floor.” He said.

A hand crept to my waist and tore off my pant. I whimpered as the old shame and fear filled me up. I tried to struggle but hands held me down. Then a soft hand touched my face and then a hard slap rocked my head back. I bit my tongue and felt the blood pool inside my mouth. “God please come to my head, please. If I go through this again, I will die. God please help me.” I prayed within. Then I heard my phone ringtone filled the room. the hand on my pubic hair stopped. After a while the ringing stopped and the hands moved to my labia and started peeling the folds of my vagina apart gently. I tried to wriggle free but another slap dazed me and as I laid there catching my breath, a think finger penetrated me. I felt the shame and helplessness deeply. I had thought myself strong but I was a fool. This was a deliberate act of depravity and I was helpless against it.

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The door opened and someone whispered into the room. The hand left my vagina and I felt the weight of the molester lift off the bed. The room was silent again. I was left alone in the darkness of my blindfold for what felt like hours. I laid as the cold night crept into my body and I shivered and cried.


I had dozed off but the opening of the door woke me up and I tried to listen to the footsteps entering the room. rough hands grabbed me and dragged my head forward. At that moment, the blindfold fell off my eyes and I saw my kidnapper for the first time. It was Osazee. He stared at me as he loosened the knots on my hands. I watched him as he bent to release the knots on my feet, then I turned and saw the bedside lamp. I picked it gently and slammed it on his head. He collapsed on top my legs and I quickly loosened myself and removed the clothe covering my mouth. I got up from the bed and found my clothes on the ground. I quickly wore them and turned to look at Osazee.

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He had passed out there on the bed. I searched through his pockets and found his phone. I scrolled through the calls and saw that a certain number had called him about five times. I dialed the number and after two rings, the call was picked;

Bodyguard: “do you have her?” he asked.

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Princess: “you…” I exclaimed. Osazee groaned, I quickly ended the call and ran out of the room with his phone. As I came out of the room, I saw the remains of a party. “Fool! Fool! Fool! Princess you are a big fool! All this while he had been setting you up; waiting for you to make a mistake. God, at the chapel, I thought he had changed. I thought what I saw was the repentance. It was a game to him. How did he get so smart? This has the planning of a brain: grandfather? His bodyguard is always by his side. Could he be the one who sent him? But why? Why give me a gift and promise on one hand and try to break me on the other? Uncle Moses warned me; he told me grandfather was devious. I didn’t listen. God! What do I do? I had expected to hear Uncle Moses’ voice on the other side but I was wrong. What do I do?” My head revolved around different thoughts as I walked pass the signs of feasts and stepped outside.


Outside the house, I realised that I was in a chalet. I saw several girls of varying ages and sizes standing about, smoking and gisting. Some had male customers with them. “How had Osazee carried me from the club to this place?” I thought as I staggered into the night.

I spied the gate and started moving towards that direction, then suddenly a hand grabbed me. I turned to see a man that I had never met holding me.

Princess: “let me go.” I said.

Man: “them say I go still chop when them don finish. I wan chop my own now. E don tey since I chop fresh kpomo like this one.” He said, his eyes poring all over me with a disgusting need.

I felt unclean and degraded. As I raised my hand at him, a shadow bounced into him and he let go of him. I turned around to see Amaju and my other cousins running towards me. Amaju’s brother fought with the man on the ground. The man’s face had a surprised look that would have been funny if not for the situation. Amaju got to me, breathing hard

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Amaju: “we have been tracking you since. What happened? You said you were going to ease yourself then you disappeared.” He said.

I was so happy to see him, I could barely speak.

Princess: “it was Osazee. He kidnapped me, him and the bodyguard had a plot of some kind. God I was so scared. I thought I was strong but I never felt so helpless in my life.” I replied. he nodded his head, staring behind me

When I turned back, Amaju’s brother had dragged the man away with some of my cousins. They said that they were going to make sure he never touched another woman in his life. I suddenly felt weary.

Princess: “we need to get home before the bodyguard escapes.” I replied, suddenly finding energy. Amaju nodded his head and called the rest. I joined Amaju and his brother in their car will the rest entered another car. While the others drove off, Amaju stopped and said he had misplaced his phone. He came down and disappeared. I sat in the back and breath deep, thanking God for my life. I turned to look for Amaju in the night and I saw him walking back quickly. He entered the car and we drove away.


We drove on until we got to the house gate then Amaju drove pass it.

Princess: “what are you doing?” I asked, surprised.

Amaju’s brother turned to me and grinned evilly then he gave me a slap that rocked me from my head to my toe. Amaju turned to look at me;

Amaju: “we are going to conclude what we started darling.” He said, laughing. I had heard that laugh before and it chilled me to the bone. “Fool, Princess”

Question: Osazee was trying to save Princess? Do you think he will be able to save her again? Amaju is even worse than his father; will he be able to do what he has planned for Princess?

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