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My Sweet Lola – Season 1 – Episode 9


Seems that in as much as the guy was a spec, even he couldn’t deal with the consequences of his actions. What a dick. And it was his brilliant idea to pin the pregnancy on me. I only wish I could see him right now, of course he would beat the shit out of me, but I just wanted to pull his pants down and shove a nicely sharp hot kitchen knife up his ass. That would really make me sleep better at night, as a matter of fact; I would even see Jesus congratulating me in my dreams.

When she was done telling me about how it all went down, I sat in silence for a minute, of course we were done, and it was just a matter of formalities. I was heartbroken and nothing could change that, well, almost nothing. I told her everything would be ok and that I would always be there for her, she hugged me and I held her tightly, she then looked deep into my eyes and then, she kissed me. I could have resisted, but I must admit I wanted her badly. I patiently unbuttoned her white shirt, and then I unzipped then pulled off her trousers. I went further to take of her bra and panties and for someone who had just given birth; she had the most amazing body I had ever seen. She had the exact body Sarah Banks possessed and it was gorgeous. I placed her on the bed and gently kissed her perfectly shaped lips, she was a little bit hairy, and I liked it. As we kissed, my chest pressed against her pointed breasts and I could feel chills running down my spine, we kissed for a bit and then she stroked my penis till it was hard. Please fuck me, she said, and I was ready and happy to oblige. She took her right hand and placed the tip of my penis at the entrance of her vagina, I then rubbed the tip of my penis around a bit and then, I thrust it in. she was tight, I mean so tight, as I went in deeper I could hear her gentle yet sensual moans. It was way better than what you would hear on Pornhub, she grabbed me tightly and I in turn, thrust deeper.

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