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My Sweet Lola – Season 1 – Episode 8


Only a few weeks into our relationship, she had met some guy in her department. He was only a level higher than her and it turns out he was the one tutoring her on most of her courses. He was about 27 years old, and he was in his 300 Level, he had a CGPA of 5.0 and he was a star student. Occasionally, he would give lectures at the school auditorium and he was a very close friend to most of the lecturers in her department.

He usually took Lola to the auditorium for all night classes and her grades were getting better. According to what she told me, he had asked her out initially and she refused but he persisted, then one day her told her of a departmental party and asked if she could attend, she wasn’t busy and so she went along. But when she got there, there was no party, it was just the guy. He smiled and asked her to take a seat, she was angry but after listening to what he had to say, she was smiling and that was their first date.

It went on and went on and they seemed like close friends, she even started spending some nights at his place. Then one day, it happened. You guys may be familiar with the saying, “weather for two, belle for one”, well, that was the case. She had gone to his place that night while it was raining because his place was closer to campus than hers, he was already wearing shorts only and she didn’t mind at all. According to what she told me, they joked around for a while, then they cuddled and then things happened.

I must admit, it was painful. Hearing all these from the love of my life, what did I do to deserve all this? I thought to myself. She said that after they had sex for the first time, it became something regular. It was either she gave him a blowjob at the auditorium during one of their night classes, or he would play with her genitals whenever the lights went put in the auditorium. If they aroused themselves too much, they would go look for a classroom to have sex. And to think that I actively avoided girls just to make sure I never cheated on her, and there she was, doing whatever she pleased. Turns out they were careful enough to avoid a pregnancy, but eventually they screwed up. They had too much to drink and the guy didn’t take the necessary precautions, even when they woke up the next day, it didn’t occur to them.

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