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My Sweet Lola – Season 1 – Episode 7


She tried denying it saying that I was a fool and that she had never cheated on me and I was the one who was sleeping around with other girls, she called me an ungrateful guy who couldn’t treat a girl properly and I was totally useless. She told me that I was not a man and I could never be a man. When she was done, I looked at her and I said to her, are you done? If you are please leave me alone I have important things to do. Now you guys might be thinking that I was heartless, but the truth is that every time I saw her I cried within myself, because instead of her to just call the relationship off, she chose to sleep with someone else and tried pinning the pregnancy on me. She asked me why I was doing it to her, I told her, you know why.

She left and I never heard from her, and then after some months I got news that she had given birth to a baby boy. At first her parents tried to arrest me saying that their daughter confirmed that I was the baby’s father. Of course I denied it and even showed them the screenshot of the message that had been sent to her, they did not still believe so I subjected myself to a DNA test. The test came back negative of course and they apologized for the disgrace.

After the incident, I took my things and went to PortHarcourt to stay with my aunty for the time. Some people say love is real and that it conquers all, I don’t believe in that philosophy. I believe that respect and friendship are the genuine basis for every relationship to grow and love on its own is never enough.

After two months I came back home and even before I could unpack my clothes, Lola had rushed into my room to see me. She stood before me and started shedding tears, I too started shedding tears then she hugged me. We knew we could never be together again and that one night had destroyed a perfect relationship.

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