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My Sweet Lola – Season 1 – Episode 6


I came back into the room and she was just wearing her black bra and panties, she walked up to me and we started kissing. Now I knew she had seen the message and her intentions were to have sex with me so she could blame the pregnancy on me. I played along for a little while then I said it would be a good idea if we could start from the bathroom; she quickly agreed and went to the bathroom to strip fully. Immediately she got into the bathroom, I took her phone and screenshot the messages then sent them to my phone. I then went to the bathroom, I opened the door and there she was, this model looking angel was waiting for me to penetrate her in different ways. It was indeed painful that I could not do that dance with her.

We had never had sex before and so I guess she expected nothing to stop me. I looked at her and told her that I wasn’t in the mood, maybe we could try later, I said. There was a level of shock registered in her eyes, and then anger while in my heart there was joy because I knew I had dodged a bullet. I knew she had lost all remnants of love and was just looking to screw me over. She slowly stepped out of the bathroom, still with shock in her eyes, she looked at me and asked if there was another girl. You dey mad!!!!!!!! So because your evil enterprise no work you won come wine me, I didn’t say this out loud sha, but I was furious, I looked at her and said that I had found someone else.

She left the house and for a week we did not talk to each other. When I was about taking my second semester exams she arrived at my place in school, she didn’t inform me that she would be coming so I was shocked. She started pleading with me saying that I should forgive her if she had done anything to annoy me, she said I should forgive her for not showing much attention towards me and that she could do better. I thought to myself, “what is this girl’s problem sef, let her just go and stay with her guy na”, I then told her to calm down, I asked her just one question, who is the guy you fucked?

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