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My Sweet Lola – Season 1 – Episode 5


Just before we resumed school, I saw a text on her phone, how’s it going babe, I didn’t regard it as anything but after I ran some errands I took her phone again and I didn’t see the message. I asked her if she deleted any message on her phone but she said she didn’t so I let it go. The thought that she might have another guy crossed my mind so many times but, I wasn’t actually the type of guy who would go overboard for a girl. Its not that I didn’t love her, it was just that I never believed in fighting for a girl who would choose another guy over me, and that was it. So I kept my cool.

In the course of 2 months our conversations became short and boring, I knew she was no longer into me but I guess I was afraid to let her go. She even started lying to me, even about little matters, I would ask her if she was around and if we could hang out, she would say she was tied up in school but I would see her leaving her house all dressed up but she never knew I was around.  

I eventually stopped going to her place, reduced the number of times I called in a week and for some weeks, we stopped chatting. I guess she felt the drop in the level of attention I gave to her so after a while she came to my place to see me. I had just gotten home from school that weekend, I was extremely tired so and I was on my bed playing mini militia with my phone. I was the only one at home so when she knocked and nobody answered, she tried opening the door and it opened. She made her way to my room and saw me on the bed, for a moment we looked at each other and as if all was well she started smiling. I smiled back then she came closer and gave me a kiss. She asked why I had not texted her in a long time, I asked her the same thing and she said that school had been so stressful and she didn’t even have time to call home.

I said it was all good then she got up to use the toilet. When she was in the toilet, her phone vibrated, I picked it up and I saw a text, have you aborted it yet?Just before I could try to understand another text came in from the same guy, if you can’t abort it just blame it on him, I was a little confused, then I heard her flush so I dropped the phone and left the room. I stood outside for a while and started smiling to myself, I knew we were done; it was just a matter of when the words would be uttered.

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