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My Sweet Lola – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 10]

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Story Title: My Sweet Lola

Category: Love, Romance 

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Is love actually enough to maintain a relationship? The day before valentine I was asked to go shopping for val gifts with a neighbor’s daughter. Just as we came out of the grocery store the rains began and it was quite heavy, we quickly rushed to board a tricycle because our place was far off, about 30minutes by car. We were the only passengers in the tricycle and it was extremely cold, due to the fact that the tricycle was moving fast.She suffered the most because she decided to come out with a mini skirt, she cuddled up tightly to me and I, being a gentle man gave her warmth. For the moment it didn’t mean anything, and when we got home we behaved as if nothing had happened, or should I say we took it as something normal.

That evening, I sat on my father’s car just thinking to myself, how can I have no girlfriends at my age. Of course I was just 19 years old but still, all my friends had girls swarming all over them, but all I had were good jokes and tasty comebacks. I was bummed, but what could I do about it? Its not as if I was loaded, I was practically jobless, hence, no source of income, I didn’t were the best shoes or the best chains, fuck I didn’t even wear chains. You could call me plain, and that I was. As I was swimming in the oceans of my thoughts someone came up behind me and covered my eyes with the palm of their hands, I didn’t move initially but when I ran out of guesses I started struggling to free myself.

It was lola, my neighbor. She had been staring at me for almost 20 minutes before she decided to come over. She said she wanted to thank me for my good gesture earlier that day when we boarded the tricycle, I said it was nothing ignoring the idea that I wanted to kiss her when we were in that compromising position. She sat next to me and asked about my plans for valentine, I told her I had not and I was just going to sleep the day off. She looked at me for a moment then asked if I would go to the cinemas with her on Valentine’s Day. I said yes and she smiled and looked at the stars, aren’t they beautiful? She asked. Then I thought to myself, what kind of girl is she.



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