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My Step Mum Is In Love With Me – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 8]

My Step Mum Is In Love With Me

My Step Mum Is In Love With Me



I lost my mother at the time I needed her most.


It was so painful. That was the first time I experienced what it meant to lose a dear loved one in dead.


Worst hit was my father. They used to do virtually everything together.


I grew up to learn so many things from them. But when mummy died, the whole world came crashing.


As the only child, I didn’t have that freedom of going wherever I wanted, because I had to do everything in the house alone


Most times, my father would be alone all day, thinking about his late wife. Sometimes I would find him going through his photo book.


I watched his sad days and thought mummy was still around.

Daddy was deeply touched. Some days he would lock himself in his room and weep. How long would he continue like this?


“I have to do something”, I told myself

So after five years of mourning, I advised father to re-marry


All efforts to match him up with a woman proved abortive.


She was still in love with my mum


I was watching a football match in the sitting room one evening when he joined me.


He wore a sad face, so I quickly switched off the TV and focused my attention on him


“Don’t off it son, have your fun”


“No dad, you are more important to me than this”, I said pointing to the TV


“I know”, he said as he sat close to me


“Dad, is there anything you would want me to do for you?”


He was silent


“Dad, I think you should remarry. I’ve told you this severally. If you have a wife now, you’ll be happy again. We will be happy again.”


“Son”, he said, “there are more to this life than a wife. It is hard to find true love these days. Your mother was my soul mate. I know you will not understand for now. You are still young and single. You see, I married your mother when in was young too. I thought we would grow old together. We had plans for our old age. But now?”, he paused and tried to control his emotions.


“I know, Dad. I loved mum too. But Dad, five years have gone. Five years. You keep hurting yourself all day. I may be young and single, but I know it is only love that can heal the wounds of love. Dad, give love a chance. Give another woman a chance. I would love to have half-brothers and sisters.”


“I’ve heard you. I’ll think about it”, he said


“Dad you always say so. You’ve thought about it for five years now. It’s time to act please”


“I said I’ve heard you. I’ll think about it. Please get me something to eat”, he said


He picked up the remote and switched on the TV to continue watching the football match


I entered the kitchen and made him a meal


We ate together that evening and talked about many things


After a lot of gist, we retired to our respective rooms


I was still thinking of how I would be able to make my father see reasons of falling in love again


His loneliness was affecting both of us


I had stylishly introduced three women to my Dad, but he picked interest in none of them


Maybe i didn’t play it well


I was determined to play it well the next time opportunity presented itself


I picked up my phone and logged into Facebook


I got a message from one of my Facebook friends


Her name was Clara


Clara was beautifully made


Her smile alone could soften the heart of the most dreaded warrior


Clara was a business woman whose network of business was huge.


She was so jovial


We had been chatting for sometime


She dropped me a message based on the post I made on Facebook


We laughed about it


Then I decided to shoot my shot on behalf of my father


I told her about my Dad


She asked a few questions and developed interest


She was a single mother and was still available


I arranged for us to meet so I can be sure of whom I was chatting with


We fixed a date the next day at a popular restaurant


We concluded the chat and bid each other a good night rest


The following morning, I was super excited


I sang out loud as I was doing my morning chores


Dad noticed my excitement, so he asked and I told him it was nothing


I told him I was happy to have him as my father


Throughout the day I was full of life


When I came back from work, I made dinner for us and got prepared for the date


That evening, I packaged myself to sooth my personality


As a gentleman, I didn’t have to keep a lady waiting


So I made it to the restaurant early


Few minutes later, she arrived


I signaled her to indicate my location


“Good evening madam”


“Clara. Clara is my name”, she said


“I know, but I can’t address you like that because everything being equal, you’ll become my stepmother soon”


“Won’t you offer me a seat?”, she asked while still standing


“Oh! Please forgive my forgetfulness. Please, do sit down”


She sat and I ordered for drinks

My Step Mum Is In Love With MeWe talked at length and she agreed to meet my father


We scheduled the meeting at my father’s house over the weekend


To be continued…

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