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My Soul – Episode 9

Madam Debbie” as she was popularly called is a rich cash madam who owns one of the biggest boutiques in Town. She had other branches across the Country and often gets her supplies from Dubai and China.

Madam Debbie is Perpetual’s best friend and on this day, Perpetual visited her unannounced.

Her sales girls who were all conversant with her quickly ushered her into Debbie’s Office.

“Debbie, Debito.. Cash madam!!”Perpetual called her friend by her nickname

“Ah! Pepe my friend..longest time o”She said as they embraced.

Perpetual sat across the wide sofa in Debbie’s big office while Debbie came over and sat close to her.

“You’ve forgotten all about me nau.. Traveling to China today and Dubai tomorrow.. Debbie it’s not good o, that’s not how friends should behave to each other”

“Please my friend am very sorry, my Manager duped me last month.. I only discovered he has been stealing from me.. And I handed him over to the police and decided to settle down and handle my business myself for a while before I get someone else to replace the fool.. But people these days are very hard to trust so I’ve been managing the business on my very sorry my dear”Debbie explained.

“it’s okay my friend. Everyone has his or her own problems to handle.. Yours is business, mine is Family”

“Ahahn, What’s happening in your family?”Debbie asked concerned

“Mtcheeeew… Is it not that stupid son of mine called Uche? The boy brought home a Muslim girl from Borno state and said he wants to marry her”

“Olohun maje… Muslim? Borno? Haaa.. How do children of these days think? Whats your stand on the issue?”

“Ah u don’t know me? I told him over my dead body would I let him marry the girl”

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“What about your husband? What is he saying?”

“Leave that one alone.. He says Uche is a grown up man and can chose to marry from Sambisa forest if he wishes”

Debbie started laughing..

“I don’t blame him anyways. It’s because Uche is not his biological child. All his children are married and none got married outside our tribe not to talk of Borno..”Perpetual hissed.

Debbie stopped laughing and looked at her friend..

“So what are u going to do about it now?”

Perpetual was about to reply when a young lady walked into the office and ran to hug Debbie


Debbie hugged her back and smiled

“You’re back so early.. why?”

The young girl replied “Mom don’t mind that foolish driver.. He almost got us killed today but trust me I gave him very good slaps to reset his brain”

They both laughed.

Debbie looked at Perpetual who was lost.

“My bad! Am so sorry ore mi.. This is my last daughter Best.. U remember her na..”

Perpetual took a closer look at Best and exclaimed

“What? Best Olajumoke! Small Best of yesterday?”

Debbie laughed

“Yes o.. My small Best is now a graduate of Pharmacy.. She just came back from Abroad where she had stayed studying all these years”

“Come here let me take a closer look at you”Perpetual urged Best and she came over and greeted her..

Soon, Best left…

“So, back to our discussion… What are you going to do about your son?”

Perpetual Smiled “I already know..”

“And what’s that?”Debbie asked

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“Don’t u think Uche and Best would make a great couple??”

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Debbie looked at her surprised and started smiling…



Janne was cooking that evening when she heard a knock on her door and she ran to open it. She was shocked to meet Pascal staring at her.

Since the last incidence at her office, Pascal hadn’t called her and she has been calling him but he never picked up.

After Jide explained things to her, she decided to let go and give him another chance although she hadn’t told him yet. And she still loved Pascal still.

“May I come in?” Pascal said cutting short her thoughts

She opened the door wide for him to enter.

They got in and sat down.

“Janne, I know I hurt u.. I called off our engagement and am truly sorry, I wasn’t thinking well..m deeply sorry and I want you back”

Janne looked at him confused.

“Pascal honestly, am lost in all these..According to Jide, he gave u my address and picture after he left the country so u would keep in touch with me and explain everything that’s happening to me.. Why didn’t u?”

Pascal inhaled deeply

“Listen Janne, they’re all lies..Jide cooked up all those stories just to get u back. He never told anyone about u.. Even our Father isn’t aware about you or the child. Jide ran off to the States with his secret girlfriend because he was at loggerheads with our Father at that time. Nobody knew his whereabouts until he came back last year after he had issues with the girl.. Inasmuch as Jide is my elder brother, he is still a liar! OK, do u think if he had told my Dad about u or your child, my Dad would ask him to abandon you and go to the States? No! He ran away without telling anyone”

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Janne stood up pacing the place in confusion.

“I don’t even know what or who to believe anymore!”She scratched her head in confusion

Pascal walked up to her and kissed her

“Plz believe me my Angel.. I love u”

He enveloped her mouth in a hot kiss fondling her breasts as he took her to the Sofa still kissing her..

Suddenly the door opened! It was Vicky!!

They both disentangled..

Vicky was so angry but she managed to compose herself.

“Am sorry if I interrupted anything..”She gave a dry smile

“You did jor!”Janne who wasn’t suspecting anything laughed

“Anyways, I and Pascal are back together.. he came over to apologize”

“Oh wow! Am so happy for the both of you really” Vicky said

“Ouch! my food is burning.. I placed something on fire”Janne said running to the kitchen.

Left alone with Pascal, Vicky glared at him in anger

“You son of a thousand dare u?”She said in a low fuming tone

“Vicky calm down.. I’d explain all these to you later” Pascal said slowly looking towards the kitchen to make sure Janne was out of earshots.

“Explain what?… You idiot..”

Just then, Janne came in and looked at them

“Is everything okay here?”She asked noticing their tensed faces

“Of course baby!”He pecked her.

Vicky smiled in pretence..

“Okay then, let me set the table. Food is ready.. Vicky come n give me a helping hand”She said and Vicky followed her to the kitchen after giving Pascal a deadly glance.


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