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My Soul – Episode 8

CHIEF FELIX’s Residence

Chief Felix is the Father of Jide, Pascal and Yetunde.

The loggerheads between his two sons has been going on for a while and was reported to him and his Wife by Yetunde immediately they came back from their Couple’s trip and they decided to call a meeting that evening.

They were all sitted in the Living room except for Pascal.

“Where is Pascal?”Motunrayo their mother asked looking around

“isn’t he aware of this meeting??”Chief Felix queried

“Hold on Father let me go and call him from his room”Yetunde said standing up and going upstairs.. Minutes later, she came down with Pascal following closely behind her.

“Young Man, what is your problem? Do we have to wait for you specially??”Chief Felix bellowed in anger

Pascal prostrated before his parents

“Ejoor Sir.. Ejoor Ma”

He stood up and sat in the next sofa away from Jide.

Chief cleared his throat and began.

“I’ll go straight to the point because I have somewhere to go to in couple of hours from now.. So, your sister here (pointing at Yetunde) told me all that has been happening in our absence. How you two idiots turned my peaceful home into a wrestling ground. Now I want to ask, what is the cause of the fight?”

Jide and Pascal looked at themselves and kept quiet

“Are u two suddenly dumb?”Motunrayo asked looking at the two guys

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They still kept quiet

Chief turned to Jide

“What is the problem?”He asked

“Father, am really sorry for what happened during your absence but sincerely, I was pushed to the wall. Father, I couldn’t believe that my own brother.. Flesh and blood would betray me the way Pascal did..”

“Please hang it there..I didn’t betray u! I met Janne on platonic basis and we fell in love.. How was I supposed to know she was ur baby mama?”

“Shut up u disgusting liar! I gave u every detail about her and u used it against me! How can u say u met her on platonic basis?”Jide screamed with red eyes

“It’s not my fault that she loves me, moreover…”Pascal was saying when Chief interrupted him in anger

“Will both of u just shut up!!! U mean these whole issue is because of a girl?”

“Omo Obirin!!”Motunrayo shouted in disbelief. Yetunde just sighed and kept mute

“A lady?”Chief shook his head in disappointment

“Father, she’s not just a lady..she’s my Fiancee!!”Pascal said

“And she’s my son’s mother!!”Jide fired back

All of them stared at Jide in shock

“You have a son? When? How??”Motunrayo asked wide eyed

“Mother, these is all Father’s fault.. He forced me out of the country against my will.. I had to leave them at the mercy of this monster here(pointing at Pascal) but he betrayed me and started dating her while he lied to me that he couldn’t find her”

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“Please stop calling me names..plz oo”Pascal said raising his hands up.

The whole house went silent for minutes before Chief stood up.

“Jide, bring the Lady and her son over this weekend.. I want to see her and speak to her”

“No Father! Jide can’t bring my Fiancee here without my consent!!”Pascal objected standing up

“Are u by any chance objecting my order??”Chief asked facing Pascal

He prostrated before his Father

“Am sorry sir.. Ejoor”

“Better”Chief said

Turning to Jide, he said “bring her and the son this weekend”

Jide was happy, he prostrated “Eshe sir”

Chief walked out with his Wife…


Fauziat and Uche sat down in the bed backing each other. Both of them were in deep thoughts..

Uche suddenly faced her.. “Babe, I’ve told u to stop worrying over this issue.. My mother can never be a hindrance to our love. She has always been the dramatic type even to me as her son.. So u don’t have to bother”


“Shhhhhh”Uche placed his lips over hers and gave her a light kiss.

“I want to meet with ur Dad”He said

she looked up surprised..

He nodded in affirmative.

She hugged him and they started playing around the beach..

Fauziat went home the next day to inform her Dad about Uche’s visit.

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“Baba, he is a nice man and he makes me happy”She blushed

Alhaji laughed

“Anything that makes u happy is my priority so bring him over this weekend..”

She hugged him

“Nagode Baba”…


Uche went over to his Mom’s house to have a confrontation with her. it’s been 3days after the incidence and he hadn’t set eyes on her..

“Mom seriously, what u did when I brought my Fiancee here was embarrassing! How can u scare her away like that?”Uche asked

“Wait.. Is that the nonsense you came here to say? Look Uche, I will never give my blessings to your marriage with that girl! Ahahn.. You left Enugu State, IMO, Anambra, Ebonyi, Abia and even Delta state.. OK, If u had brought an “ofe mmanu” girl, it would have been a bit better because my best friend Debbie is a Yoruba woman and they have respect.. But an Hausa girl.. Borno kwa! LaiLai Godforbid.. It can never work out!!”

Uche was perplexed

“Mom is it the state that is ur problem or the religion?”

“Ha ncha… Both of them o”She exclaimed

Uche shook his head in anger..

“I don’t know why God would give me a mother like u”He left the house..

“All I know is this.. You’ll never get married to that girl.. NEVER..”Perpetual screamed..

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  • I’m happy for hide. I hope it work out well for him and janne. As for Paschal, he is fake. Uche and fauziat, u guys have lots of fight oo ahead considering your status, religion differences and tribe issue. But is well with all of u

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