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My Soul – Episode 7

Vicky and Pascal met at their usual hotel coz they had alot to discuss.

“Why didn’t u tell me your brother is Janne’s baby daddy?”Vicky asked

“How am I supposed to know that?”Pascal asked

“oh plz.. Spare me those lies.. I know u knew about Janne and Jide even before I told u.. Now the question is, why did u lie? Why did u pretend? Why did u call off ur engagement with her?? Why the pretence Pascal!!?”Vicky screamed

“would u just shut up so I can think properly?”Pascal fired back

“No I would not! Are u playing games with me? Ah u better not because u won’t like what I’d do to u.. U better just start answering all my questions right now if u don’t want to see the other side of me”Vicky threatened

Pascal sighed and stood up holding Vicky by the shoulders.

“it’s true..i knew about Janne and my brother before u told me, I knew everything and I just had to play along. I was tired of Janne and that was why when u told me about her n Jide, I pretended and took that opportunity to break up with her…”

Vicky removed his hands from her shoulders..

“I still don’t get it.. U knew about her and your brother yet you went ahead to date her? Koyemi oh.. I don’t understand rara”

“OK.. I don’t know how to explain.. It’s actually a payback, I needed to hurt my brother and that was why I dated his girlfriend..but believe me Vicky it’s you I love”He said planting a kiss on her cheeks

“See.. I don’t still understand the payback you’re talking about and honestly I don’t care.. All I want is you and you alone”

Pascal smiled and kissed her passionately as they made their way to the bed…


Jide needed to see Janne urgently to clear issues with her but he knew she wouldn’t oblige so he parked his car a little bit far from her office where he could easily sight her and trail her to her place.

Soon, he sighed her coming out with one of her female colleague who hopped into the car with her as they left. Jide quickly followed behind.

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At a junction, Janne’s car stopped and her colleague came down and waved at her while she drove off. Jide continued trailing her until she horned at a gate some streets away and Jide knew this must be her house. He parked outside the gate and waited for her to drive in before coming down and made for the gate.

He knocked slightly and the gate man came out

“Who u dey look for?” He asked

“That madam wey just enter now.. I from her office, she forget her phone so I wan come give her”Jide lied showing the Gate man his own phone.

The gateman looked him over before ushering him inside and showing him Janne’s flat.

He walked to the door and knocked.

Janne opened the door and was surprised to see Jide.

“Gracious goodness! What in God’s name are u doing here??..wait! Have u been trailing me??”

“At least usher me in before u start bombarding me with questions”

Janne let him in and he sat down.

“nice place you’ve got here”He said looking around

“Now what do u want?”Janne asked standing in front of him with folded hands around her breasts.

Jide stood up and walked to her standing in front of her..

“Janne calm down and seat down let’s talk.. We sure do have alot to talk about”

They sat down. Jide’s face saw a frame hanging just above the Television.

He moved over and picked it looking at it intensely.

“Is this Juwon?”

Janne nodded

Jide’s face lit up.. “He looks so much like me.. So much Janne, can’t you see?”He exclaimed like an excited toddler and Janne nodded as tears dropped from her eyes.

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“Mummy has been calling that Juwon says he wants to see his Father”

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Jide dropped the frame on the table and raised Janne’s face up.

“I was forced by my Dad out of the country. My phone was seized. Someone told him dirty stuffs about me and..i just left for the UK impromptu. When I got there, I contacted my younger brother Pascal. I gave him every single detail about u and even about our son. I told him to explain everything to you and tell u the situation at hand and also collect your number and send to me so I can contact you but Pascal told me he couldn’t find u.. That u had left the school to your village with ur Mom and all that..I hastened up and came back to Nigeria last year to see you although I knew you must have graduated. I still went to your house and your mom’s house but u were nowhere to be found.. Until I bumped in on your Friend Vicky months ago who told me where u worked and thats it..”

“You saw Vicky and she was the one who gave u my office address??”Janne asked in surprise

“Yes.. I loved you Janne, I still do and I will always do.. if only u can give me another chance to make it up to you and our son.. please”

Janne busted into tears and Jide kept consoling her.


Uche had moved out of his Step dad’s house into the company’s house and started his Job in earnest. His relationship with Fauzi blossomed and he wanted to introduce her to his Mom.

They arrived the house at about 5:00pm. Uche had already pre-informed his mom.

“Do u think your mom would like me?”Fauzi asked adjusting the scarf she tied on her hair. She made sure she looked every inch good. She wore a blue Jean trouser and a white polo then tied a white scarf and a blue sneakers with a blue cross bag.

“You are beautiful.. Everybody would like u.. Come on let’s go inside”

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They came down and headed to the house.

He knocked and opened the door.

Perpetual was in the sitting room with her Husband watching TV.

Fauzi knelt down and greeted them while Jide shook hands with his dad and gave his mom a side hug.

They sat down.

“Welcome my daughter”The Dad said

“Thank u sir”

Uche cleared his throat and said “Mom, Dad.. this is the girl I told u about.. my fiancee”

Perpetual smiled “Now you’re behaving like a man.. So young Lady, what is your name?”

“Fauziat MA”

Perpetual turned to Uche “biko osino ogini? (please she said what?)”

“Mom It’s”Uche stressed for his mom to understand

“What type of name is that? Where are u from by the way?”Perpetual asked.

“Am from Borno state MA.. A Muslim”Fauziat said smiling

Perpetual jumped up as if being stunk by a bee

“Borno? ndi boko haram??!! Boko Haram people!! Ewoo Chim o.. Uche you have killed me.. You brought a Muslim to my house? How dare u? Are u stupid? What has come over you??”She screamed

Fauziat was shocked. She sat down shivering while Uche looked lost as his mom displayed.

“Perpetual calm down! You are over reacting!!”The Dad screamedin annoyance.

“Eh? over reacting? so u would allow Uche marry from all states in the country, Borno! Borno state!!”

“Just shut up and sit down.. You are making a mountain out of a mole.. I don’t see anything wrong if a grown up man like Uche chooses to marry even from Sambisa forest!”

“Mom can u plz calm down?”Uche finally found his voice

“Oh shut up you useless boy.. I knew nothing good can never come out of you..”

Turning to Fauziat, she said.. “You,, what are u waiting for? Disappear before I disfigure your face with my nails”

Fauziat jumped out of the house in tears as Uche ran chasing her..

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