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My Soul – Episode 4

Janne walked majestically into her office ignoring the greeting from the front desk Receptionist.

She got into her office and slumped into her chair and placed her head on her table in deep thoughts.

She couldn’t just figure out how Pascal knew about Her and Jide.

She had kept that part of her life secret for a very long time on the advice of her friend Vicky.

Vicky and her had been friends since secondary school days and gained admission into the same university in the same year but for different courses.

Vicky knew every detail about her and she thought she also knew everything about Vicky. Their bond wasn’t friendship anymore but more like sisters so she trusted Vicky with her life and took every advice she gave..

The beeping of her office phone brought her back to the present. She picked it up

“Yes Joy what is it?”


“okay.. Let him in”

Few minutes later, The door opened and Jide walked right in. Janne opened her mouth in shock and surprise. The Secretary had told her she had a visitor who said he wants to discuss a business proposal.

Jide walked in all smiles and sat down opposite her crossing his legs.

“surprise! Surprise!!” He said clapping his hands.

“wha..what are u doing here?!”Janne snapped in anger

“Oh Janne.. I miss this part of u.. Cuter when you’re pissed”

Janne breathed down trying to cool down a bit.

“Why not sit down while we talk about the business proposal I brought” He smiled feeling all relaxed.

Janne reluctantly sat down still looking at Jide

“Janne, where is my son??”HE suddenly asked

“Which son are u talking about?”She asked fuming in anger

Jide gave a gentleman smile

“I’d ask u for the very last time.. Where did u keep Oluwajuwon??”

“U must be very stupid to barge into my office and ask me irrelevant questions..

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Oluwajuwon is my son and I have full custody over him and where I keep him is none of your business at all.. Last time I checked, u weren’t interested in him.. God! Jide u ran out to God-knows-where immediately after the birth of my son leaving me to the mercies of nature where I had to strive and fight for the survival of my son and I.. Jide you abandoned us!!”

“No I didn’t”

“Yes you did!! You f—–g ran away!!”tears started dropping from her eyes.

Jide stood up and walked to her side as he placed his hands on her hair petting her as she sobbed all the more..

“I have a lot to explain to you Janne.. I never abandoned u or my son and I never will.. You just don’t want to give be me a chance to explain things to u.. I was… ”

He was interrupted by the opening of the door..

Janne raised her head up and her eyes met with Pascal who stood fixed at the door looking at both of them..

She quickly adjusted herself and stood up..

Pascal fixed his eyes on Jide..

“Brother Jide??”

Jide couldn’t understand the situation of confusion between Janne and Pascal

“aburo, what are u doing here?”Jide asked Pascal

Pascal faced Janne

“is he the Jide? My own blood brother??”…….


Fauzi and her brother Azeez came out of the car with bags of groceries as they headed to Fauzi’s new apartment in school.

“So I’ll be alone in that house?”Azeez asked

“No nah.. I’ll be coming to check u up during weekends.. You are starting your new Job at Baba’s company on Monday and you’d be busy. I too would be busy with school stuffs..”

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“But why can’t u just be going to lectures from home?”

Fauzi laughed as they headed to the flat and she opened the door with her key.

“I don’t want to get distracted ko”

They went inside and Fauzi collected the bag of groceries from him and headed to the kitchen where she kept them and came back with an orange juice and 2 glass cups.

Azeez collected one glass from her and poured a good quantity of juice and started drinking.. Fauzi did likewise.

“So.. Tell me about your girlfriend”She asked facing him

He laughed and dropped his cup on the stool in front of him.

“I don’t have”

She gave him a questioning look

“Don’t tell me that! I know you’re lying!!”


“Coz I can see it in your eyes and I can read it from your mind”She said placing her hands on his chest

They both laughed.

“Well, I’d tell u all u want to hear under one condition..”

“Which is?”

“Tell me about yours first”

“But I don’t have any!”

“But u have a crush?!”

“Yess.. Nooo”

Azeez laughed “you have a crush.. Tell me about him”

“OK.. Not like he is a crush.. But I’d say his the closest male friend I’ve got for now.. His cute, nice and funny.. I just like him but nothing is brewing between us o!…now I’ve told u about mine, tell me about yours”

Azeez gulped down his remaining juice and cleared his throat

“Her name Is Hadiza”

“Uhmm.. Hadiza, how did u two meet?”

“Hadiza, ur friend.. ”

Fauziat dropped her cup and looked at him in awe…


Uche whistled happily as he buttoned his well ironed long sleeved shirt. He dressed on corporate with shoe and tie. He glanced at the mirror again and took his neat files as he stepped out of the room.

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His mom was at the dinning taking bread and tea.

“Morning mom” He greeted and headed for the door

“Where are u off to so early? To your frequent interviews that yields no good results?”She laughed lightly

“Mom when will u stop taunting me? When will u stop? Other mothers pray for their children but all I get from u are insults and bad will!!”

“I will stop taunting u when u have sense! I told u to go and meet my brother in the states..he’d look for a good job for u over there and hopefully you’d become useful in this life but No.. U refused! You stay in my house and eat my food everyday without contributing a dime!! What a worthless child you are.. Shame on uuu”

Uche shook his head in pains

“You and I know the type of business your brother is into.. drugs!! Cocaine for Christ sakes and you want me to join him? what type of a mother are u??”

Perpetual hissed loud and long

“Anything that brings money is legit business.. join him or remain miserable!”

“I reject it in Jesus name.. I can never be miserable.. Let me get going before you ruin the remaining part of my day”

He hastily left while Perpetual mocked him..

He got to the Company just in the nick of time because his name was called in shortly after as the next person for the interview..

He adjusted his tie and walked in after saying a silent prayer.

He met the MD sitted comfortably on the sit..

At his table, the name “ABDULAZEEZ USMAN” was written boldly..

The interview went smoothly and he was asked to wait for a call in the next 2days…

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  • Janne, God is your strength ok. Passing through such and trying to b in love but……
    Azzez, u re welcome. Ur relationship with your sis is very great
    Uche, God will see u through in your search for a job
    Perpetual u re not a good mother

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