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My Soul – Episode 20

It took the combined efforts of the security men and some strong people around the hospital to hold Pascal down from running out of the Hospital.

“”Ghost…Ghost o..leave me alone”He screamed

“Oga calm down.. Where the ghost dey?”A man asked him and he pointed in the direction of the reception hall..

Best was still at the reception wondering why the young man ran off immediately he saw her..

“Mum hold on, I’ll be back shortly..”She said and moved out of he reception seeing a small crowd gathered around the young man that just ran out..

She moved closer and Pascal made to run away but was held down strongly.

“What’s all these drama for?”Best asked confused

“Jumoke why? Why do u chose to frighten me this way?? While u were alive didn’t I love u enough? Am sorry I was careless by abandoning you there that night but am so sorry and I’ve regretted my actions ever since”Pascal cried

Best looked at him confused.

“You must be truly insane.. Coz I don’t understand any of this gibberish you’re saying… I am Best Olajumoke for sure but am not a ghost and am sure I’ve never seen your face all my life.. I just recently came back from the States months ago where I’ve been schooling… You must have mistaken me for another Jumoke..”Best concluded staring at Pascal who looked confused now.

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The men had released him and he stood up slowly.. Walking close to Best..

He took a closer glance at her, bent down, scoped sand and threw at her.. Best stood still watching the whole Drama.

He searched for his phone immediately and scrolled down.. He kept scrolling, then stopped… And beckoned on the men who stood around to come and see..

They looked at the picture on the phone and looked at Best.

“True True bros I no blame u, dem too resemble”One man said

“Maybe dem be twins”Another one said

“Nawa o.. God dey create people two two”Another man added and they started moving away.

Best came closer and collected the phone from Pascal looking at the picture so hard..

She gaped at the picture.. “This is Sister Jummy who died about 5 years ago..”

“You know her?”Pascal asked

“Yes.. She’s my cousin sister and our resemblance often baffled people.. The difference is the birth mark here..”She zoomed the picture and saw the birth mark..

“She has this birth mark on her face and I have none.. That’s the difference and am Best Olajumoke while she’s Promise Olajumoke”

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Pascal nodded.. “I remember.. Jummy had a birth mark on her face. I was too scared to look closely at your face. Am sorry for the embarrassment”

Best smiled..”it’s nothing..”

Meanwhile, Janne and Jide who were inside the ward waiting for Pascal’s arrival were oblivious of the drama that happened outside.

They grew tired and accepted dischargal from the Doctor.

Just as they were coming out, they met Pascal outside talking to a Lady..

They moved closer..

“Pascal we’ve been waiting for you..”Jide said and his eyes met that of Best. He withdrew back.. “Holy Mary mother of God!!!”He screamed

Best and Pascal already understood and started laughing..

“Calm down bro.. This is not the dead Jumoke u knew.. Actually, this is her cousin sister with so much resemblance.. I reacted worse than u when I first met her earlier..”Pascal said

Jide was speechless staring at Best like a ghost..

Best smiled and stretched her hand.. “Am Best..”

Jide frightfully took the hands..

“So.. Who was admitted here?”Pascal asked looking from Jide to Janne..

Janne started crying again..

“Pascal, Vicky is dead! She committed suicide”Jide said

Pascal’s eyes bulged out in shock

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“You don’t mean it, do u??”He managed to ask..

Janne searched her bag and brought out a paper and handed to Pascal.

“Read it.. You have a hand in her death you wicked soul!”Janne screamed..

Best looked at them lost in the whole conversation…

Pascal read the note as tears dropped from his eyes

“Janne am sorry… I… ”

He was interrupted by a loud shout from the reception hall.

Best recognized the voice as Perpetual’s..

They all ran to the Reception hall and saw Perpetual crying and holding Alhaji by the neck..

“He has killed my son… Usman has killed my son… Oh God…”She cried while the Doctor tried to release Alhaji from her grip.

Best rushed to the Nurse.. “plz what’s going on?”

Nurse Loveth shook her head painfully.

“We lost the young man”

Best slumped on the ground in tears….

Azeez was at the corner with his hands over his face..

Jide, Pascal and Janne sat down mourning their loss also..


Who’s to be blamed for Uche’s death??

Alhaji, Perpetual or Both Uche and Fauzi??


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