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My Soul – Episode 2

Fauziat rushed down to the hospital as soon as the Doctor called to inform her that the Patient is now conscious.

She drove alone to an eatery to buy food and drinks as she knew he’d be hungry.

She went into the ward and saw that he was wide awake. The young man stared at her like she was a witch.. At some point, she became afraid but composed herself.

“emm.. Well, the doctor called to say you’re awake and I brought u food cos I feel u might be hungry”she said with a fluent accent as she dropped the food on top of the cupboard close to his bedside.

The young man didn’t reply. His brown eyes were still fixed on her.

She was silent for a while and was getting uncomfortable with the man’s stare.

“am sorry my driver knocked u down.. But then, u were walking absentmindedly.. Is there something bothering u?”She asked trying to bring up a conversation.

No answer

“what’s your name? Like don’t u have parents or someone I could call to inform of your whereabouts? They should be worried about u by now.. It’s been 2 days”

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No answer

Fauziat sighed in frustration and stood up to leave.

“in case u need anything, just tell the doctor to get across to me” She walked to the door..

“You’re beautiful!”

She stopped in her tracks and turned around.. To see who said that with such a melodious and masculine voice..

It was the patient..

“So beautiful.. I meant..”He said still looking at her with his brown lovely eyes…


Janne was busy crying her heart out. Pascal her boyfriend of 3 years who only proposed a month ago had just called off their engagement.

“Janne, I can’t be with u.. U are too promiscuous!! U need to work on yourself..” Pascal had told her that morning

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“Promiscuous? Pascal me promiscuous?? So for the past 3 years we’ve been together you didn’t sense any promiscuity in me?? Why now?” She cried hitting his chest.

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“You think I don’t know about your rendezvous activities with some guy called Jide??”

At the mention of Jide, Janne’s face fell and Pascal noticed. Coolval stories

“oh so now u understand what I mean..please stay away from my life. It’d be hard moving on but I’d do so” he grabbed his car keys and left.

Janne cried and called her friend Victoria who hurriedly drove into Janne’s apartment in 30 minutes.

“babes what’s up? You sounded urgent on the phone” Vicky said

Noticing that Janne was crying, she became apprehensive

“what’s the matter, you are crying!”

Janne stood up and gave Vicky a dirty slap

The puzzled lady held her face in shock and moved back.

“What did I do wrong?” She managed to say

“You friendly demon! Who told Pascal about Jide and I?”She said advancing towards Vicky with red eyes.

Vicky had never seen her friend in such a mood and she was so scared she thought something must have possessed her.

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“I didn’t tell Pascal anything about you and Jide”

“Then who did?!”She screamed as more tears dropped from her eyes

“it’s just you and I that knows about Jide” She said slumping into the sofa and continued crying.

Vicky was dazed

“So u called me here to accuse me falsely right? Well I don’t blame u.. I blame myself for foolishly adhereing to your call in the first place” Still holding her cheek, Vicky left the house.

Vicky walked into her apartment in anger. She paced around angrily for a while then took her phone and dialed a number.

“You are a fool! A big fool!! Why did u tell Janne that I told u about her and Jide?”


“Just shut ur mouth up plz”


“I’d be expecting you then.. I love u”

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