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My Soul – Episode 17


Jide brought Janne back to her place that evening. Juwon who was now so attached to Yetunde refused coming back with them and he was left behind.

“Thank u so much for honoring my invitation..”Jide said as they sat down in the Living room..

“Thank you too.. It was a long evening happy alot of things were revealed.. At least now I know u never abandoned me but I can never believe Pascal was using me to get back at you all these years.. Gosh!”

“it’s OKay dear.. Everything happens for a reason..I hope you’ve forgiven me now”

Janne smiled and Jide pecked her.. Just then, a text message popped into Janne’s phone and she read it..

“Oh my God! I need to go see Vicky right away.. There’s something disturbing about this her text”

“What did she say?”

“That if I don’t want to meet her corpse, I should be at her place ASAP”

“oh God.. Let’s run along”Jide said grabbing his car keys and Janne rushed out with him to Vicky’s house…


The bed sheets was stained with blood and Fauzi was in pains. Uche rushed and took hot water to the bathroom then carried Fauzi, placed her on the bath tub and washed her thoroughly..

He took her back to the room, dried her body and wore her one of his shirts which looked big on her..

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“Babe am so sorry for causing you pains”he said

“Shhhhh…it’s okay.. Just make me hot tea, I’ll be fine”

Uche went to the kitchen and made tea for her.. She drank and slept off..

Uche heaved a sigh of relief and started cleaning up the house..

Shortly afterwards, he heard the door bell and he went to see who it was.

“Hi Sugar!”Best said pecking him and moving into the Living room where she sat down and crossed her legs..

“What are u doing here?”Uche asked slowly

“Can’t I pay my boo a surprise visit?”Best said smacking the chewing gum in her mouth

Uche looked around to make sure Fauzi wasn’t there..

“Look Best, your mother and my mother are planning for us to get married doesn’t mean I consented to it OK? I already have someone I want to get married too and I honestly pray you find yourself someone else but definitely not me..”

“Wait Uche, you’re still with that girl whose Father almost killed u? Is that how dumb and stupid u are?”

“Please leave…”Uche said pointing at the door..

Fauzi slowly walked in with her hands across her breasts still on Uche’s cloth..

“What’s going on here? Uche who’s she?”Fauzi asked

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“Oh..So this is the thing you’re ignoring and chasing me away for?”Best laughed

“What a poor looking puppet! So with all the money they said your Father has, you can’t make good hair.. See her simbi-is-a-girl hair.. Didn’t even fix nails.. Nothing nothing”Best laughed the more

“Enough! Now leave before I push u out!!”Uche screamed..

“I’ll leave but I’ll surely be back”Best said and left.

Uche went over to Fauzi

“Am sorry..She’s just a girl my mom is imposing on me”

“No.. It’s fine..”Fauzi replied..

Her phone started ringing inside and she went in to get it while Uche followed her..

“ina wuni”She greeted on the phone

“What??? OK.. OK.. Nagode”

“Uche we have to leave this place now!!!”She said

“Why??”Uche looked confused

“Azeez just called me.. my father sent his boys over here..someone told him we’re together”

“Oh God!!”He screamed..and ran helter shelter trying to get some things..

“Just forget everything let’s leave…”Fauzi said

Uche grabbed his phone and ATM card and Fauzi grabbed her bag not even carrying her hijab to cover her body.. They ran out, hopped into Fauzi’s car and drove off….


Janne and Jide entered into Vicky’s house which wasn’t locked..

Janne screamed on seeing the sight..

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“Why?? Vicky why?”She cried as she saw the empty bottle of sniper.

“No time for questions.. let’s rush her to the hospital first..”Jide said and carried Vicky on his shoulders and headed outside.

Janne saw the note on the table, grabbed it and put in her bag before running after Jide who was already inside the car and they sped off to the hospital.

They arrived the hospital and Vicky was quickly admitted into the emergency ward.

Janne kept crying

“What would have drove her into committing suicide?”She cried on Jide’s shoulder as they waited at the reception.

Janne quickly remembered the note she saw on the table and brought it out from her bag and began to read.. As she read, she cried the more.

Jide collected the note from Janne and read it too..

“I can’t believe all these.. Vicky and Pascal? 4 abortions??”Jide said

“Why? Why??”Janne kept crying..

Just then, the Doctor came out and they rushed forward..

“You brought her in quite late.. The poison had eaten up her organs already.. Unfortunately, we lost her”

Janne fainted…


Who’s to be blamed for Vicky’s death?

Vicky herself or Pascal??

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