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My Soul – Episode 14

Azeez and Hadiza hurriedly went over to Fauzi’s lodge and met her crying… Azeez explained that their father was responsible for it.

“Ah.. How can Baba be this wicked? Only Allah knows what they must have done to him.. Oh Uche”Fauzi cried uncontrollably.. Hadiza consoled her..

Fauzi suddenly stood up and dashed to the door as Azeez and Hadiza chased after her.

“Fauzi where are u going to?”Azeez shouted.

“To meet Baba.. To confront him..”She said and hopped into her car and before they could stop her, she sped off..

Azeez and Hadiza entered into Azeez’s car and followed her.

Fauzi arrived the house in few minutes and barged into the living room.

“Baba! Baba!!”She screamed in rage.

Alhaji came down to meet her with 2 guards..

“Have u suddenly lost your manners??”Alhaji asked

“Baba how could u? Why?? Why would u kidnap Uche? What in Allah’s name did he do to you?? Why are u this wicked?”Fauzi screamed enraged

Alhaji was taking aback by her uproar

“You have the guts to scream at me?”He asked..

“I will talk to you anyhow I like Baba.. I never knew you were this wicked.. Where did u keep him? What have u done to him?”Fauzi screamed and a slap landed on her face.. She raised her face up and another one landed on the second cheek.. Her Father had slapped her for the first time in her entire life!! She was shocked beyond words.

“Anymore word from you and I’ll show you that I am still a full blooded Military man active in service.. I will forget that you’re my daughter and manhandle u!!”Alhaji said..

Fauzi’s mouth was already bleeding when Azeez and Hadiza barged in and saw the tensed atmosphere..

“Baba what is it??”Azeez asked confused..

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Alhaji Ignored him and called Mayor… “Bring out that bastard..i believe he has Learnt his lessons”

Soon, Mayor carried Uche out.. He looked like he was already dead as there was blood all over his body with swollen eyes and battered body. He was really an eye sore.

Fauzi screamed on seeing him and ran towards Mayor but Jaja quickly held her back.

“You’re not my father! You’re wicked and heartless!! You’re a monster”Fauzi screamed trying to be free from Jaja’s hold..

“Take her into the guard room.. I think she has to learn some manners.. I spoilt her alot”Alhaji ordered and Jaja carried Fauzi away.

Both Hadiza and Azeez were shocked.

“Baba please”Azeez pleaded but Alhaji raised his hands telling him to keep shut then he walked upstairs.

Azeez turned to Mayor who was still holding the half-dead Uche.. “take him to my taking him to the hospital right away”

“Yes boss”Mayor replied and went out..

Hadiza was shedding tears as she followed Azeez to the hospital…



Jide woke up with a start. He was on a bed covered with a thick duvet and he was wearing just singlet and boxers. He couldn’t figure out where he was.. He jumped from the bed looking around and just then, the door opened and Janne came in still in her nightie.

“I see you’re awake.. Good morning”Janne smiled

Jide sat down on the bed with his hands on his head recalling the previous night incidence.. Coolval stories

He looked up at Janne who was still standing.

“Janne am sorry I got drunk… I just needed a distraction”

She sat down beside him.. “No problems.. I’ve decided to see your Dad so I’d know the truth about all these..”

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Jide’s face lit up in Joy “Thank you so much for this chance”

Janne stood up and headed for the door “Better freshen up and come to the Dinning.. Your son can’t wait to meet you”

Jide looked at her in surprise “Oluwajuwon is here?”

She nodded in affirmative

Jide brushed her aside and ran to the living room.. Sitting and playing with a toy was his exact replica… the boy hadn’t seen him yet.. tears filled Jide’s eyes..


The boy stopped playing and looked up

“Daddy? Are u my Daddy??”He asked with childish innocence

“Yes, Yes.. come here..”

Juwon ran to him and he carried him up in tight embrace and cried in Joy..

He sat down on the sofa with Juwon on his lap..

“Daddy why are u crying? Did anyone beat you?.. Tell me.. I will give the person superman punch”Juwon demonstrated and Jide laughed..

“I love you Juwon..”He said caressing the boy’s hair.

“I love you too… Please don’t travel again.. Grandma and mummy will always tell me you travelled.. I’ll miss you if u travel again”He said innocently

Jide smiled “I promise you, I won’t travel again”He kissed his forehead.

Janne who stood beside the dinning watching the drama shed tears…


Vicky walked into Pascal’s office totally ignoring Sharon the Secretary. She barged into Pascal’s Office without even knocking. Pascal who was busy with his laptop looked up and sighed in frustration.

“Victoria, what are u doing here?”He asked

“And what sort of unreasonable question is that?”Vicky asked sitting on his table exposing her laps.

“Who let u in? How can Sharon let u in even when I strictly warned her I needed no visitors??”Pascal said angrily

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“The daughter of a butch wouldn’t dare stop me else I’d have redesigned her stupid face”

Pascal sighed

“OK.. what do u want?”

Vicky moved sexily closer to him and started playing with his tie

“I want you baby.. you’ve been ignoring my calls and avoiding me. you don’t even come to our usual hotel anymore..”

Pascal pushed her aside

“How would I pick your calls after the embarasment u put me through the last time?”

“Okay am sorry.. But I was just protecting what’s mine!”

Pascal gave a funny laugh.. “Protecting what’s yours.. Wait let me make it straight to you.. I can never marry someone like you!”

Vicky withdrew in shock..

“Oh yes! Someone who can stoop low as to seduce her best friend’s boyfriend into sleeping and having a relationship with her.. Only God knows how many of my friends you’ve slept with behind me.. Now listen and listen carefully, I am so done with you.. If I ever see you anywhere close to my office or house, I’ll make sure I arrest you!! Now leaveeee”Pascal thundered and Vicky was shocked and started crying

“Please baby am sorry..”She cried

Pascal dialed a number on his office phone

“Joseph! Ibrahim!! To my office immediately!!”

2 huge men came in..

“Please take her out”

They bundled her and took her away as she kept crying and begging.

After they left, Sharon came in smiling..

“I did it for you.. I love u”Pascal said..

“I love u too”She replied…


Do u think Fauzi and Uche would survive these obstacles and finally end up together??

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  • If luck shines on them, they will cus love conquers all things. But let’s keep our fingers crossed though
    I love d thrill and d suspense

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