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My Soul – Episode 13

Hadiza and Azeez were at Alhaji’s Residence drinking and laughing.

“No.. It’s so funny nah.. I was like, I’ll remove my hijab and beat shege out of your body.. U don’t know me”

They both laughed

“You know.. People take advantage of Muslimis..They think girls like you are naive and timid”

“Exactly! I wanted to fight him o”

“But he’d have beaten u blue, black”Azeez laughed

“Beat who? Gaskiya you don’t know me”

Azeez phone rang n he looked at the caller ID.. “Your friend”he told Hadiza, then picked it up..

“Yes.. Fauzi.. Menene??”


“What?!!”He stood up

“Just put yourself together.. I’ll be with u in a moment”

Call ended

“Meene? What’s the problem?”Hadiza inquired

“Fauzi said masked men barged into the house and took Uche away”

“woyo Allah!!!”Hadiza screamed in fear..

“Let’s get going”….

They stepped outside hurriedly and met Alhaji’s car driving in.

Azeez waited to greet his Father n tell him the situation.

“Ina wuni baba”He greeted

Hadi courtseyed too greeting Alhaji

“Afternoon.. Where are u two up to??”Alhaji asked

“Just got a call from Fauzi that some masked men took Uche away”

“Oh I see… Well, Azeez for ur own good.. Don’t get involved in this issue.. It’s all my handiwork”

Azeez gaped in surprise

“Baba!! But why?”

“I’ve warned the fool calmly to stay off my daughter but it’s obvious he sold his ears in Garaka market so let me teach him a little lesson.. Just a little..”Alhaji said walking inside as 2 guards followed him.

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Hadiza and Azeez looked at themselves in shock and hurriedly entered the car and zoomed off…


Chibuike drove Jide to Janne’s apartment that night… Honked on the gate and the gateman opened the gate while he drove in.

Janne was outside the verandah waiting for them.

As soon as Chibuike stopped the car, he came down and went to the other door to help Jide out.

Janne ran to his side

“What happened to him?”She panicked

“He has been drinking himself to death because of you”He said a bit angry.

Janne kept quiet and helped Chibuike carry Jide into her house.

He lay down on the sofa and dozed off.

“Thank u very much for bringing him here without allowing him drive himself”

“He’s my friend and I owe him alot… But I must tell u something Janne, my friend loves you alot and all what he told u is the truth.. He feels sorry for how he abandoned you and your son but it was because of situations he couldn’t control.. I hope God forgive him and make him a happy man again”

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Janne nodded and smiled.

“Thank you very much”

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“Alright, I’ll be on my way now.. When he wakes up, tell him I took his car to my house.. He should come over and get it.. That’s for the stress he put me through today”

Janne laughed and saw him off to the door.

She came in and sat close to Jide who was snoring by now.

She fondled his hair..

“I love you Jide”She whispered…


Uche was bundled and taken into Alhaji’s guard room. He was locked up there..

Later, Alhaji came in the company of 4 guards. He used his walking stick to hit Uche on the head and he screamed in pains..

“You little brat.. Did I warn u to stay away from my daughter or not?”Alhaji barked

Uche was quiet but when a guard landed him a blow on his mouth, he screamed.

“Yesssssss..Yess sir”

“So why did u disobey me? ”

“I… I loveeee Herrr sirr”Uche stammered

“Yen Yen Yen Yen”Alhaji mimicked..

“Torr..baa ruwana.. I’ll teach u how to unlove her..”

He turned to his guards.. “Plz teach this bastard how to unlove my daughter”

They nodded and he left with 2 guards while the other 2 remained and started beating Uche…



Pascal sat down with a fair beautiful lady smiling and talking.

“Babe I love you and you know it”

The girl who’s name is Sharon blushed

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“You love me or my body?”

“I love you.. Am being sincere here honestly.. If only you could give me a chance..”

“Okay o.. Let’s see how it goes”She said and Pascal stretched his neck and kissed her but a loud slap landed on his face.

He jumped up and Lo and Behold it was Vicky!

“ehh ehh so this is the meeting you’re having abii?”Vicky clapped

She moved closer to Sharon who was visibly shaken

“Is this not your Secretary? Young Lady so you’re the riff raff snatching my man abii?”

Sharon shook her head in the negative.. People were already drawn to the scene.

“Vicky please.. People are looking at us, can u calm down?”Pascal pleaded with a low tone.

“Shut up your mouth you cheating bastard!!”Vicky screamed And took the drink on the table and poured him from his head..

People shouted “Ouchhh” some had already started videoing the scene.

She moved over to Sharon and removed her wig landing her severe slaps which got the girl crying.. At this point, Pascal shamefully sneaked out while Vicky kept beating the girl.

It was the Security men that came to her rescue…


One word for Vicky!!

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