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My Sister And I – Season 1 Episode 9

When Ngozi ran out of the house,I thought she was going to the garden to weep because she was fond of it; the thought of her committing suicide never crossed my mind. I just did not care what happened to my sister at that moment, I was having a great time with Ifunaya.
Ifunaya and I heard the sound of the gate notifying us that it has been opened; we thought it was Ngozi so we remained in the act. To our greatest surprise it was my parents, we froze. Dad drew his belt in anger from his waist and lashed us; we went on our kneels and pleaded for mercy, dad was not ready to stop if mom had not intervened. He thought Ngozi was in her room having sex with her boyfriend but when he had searched the house and did not find her he returned to the sitting and asked us the whereabouts of Ngozi. We could not answer him and he lashed us yet another time. Mom dialed Ngozi’s number and her phone rang where her purse had dropped when she first came in and found Ifunaya and me having sex. Mom picked the purse and searched it trying to bring out the phone in the process she discovered foreign items in the purse which were a pack of condoms and a sex toy. She showed it to dad, he got furious and shouted Ngozi’s name. Mom fell to the chair and buried her face in her palms and weep in regrets. Dad ordered Ifunaya and I to dress up. Still not sure of what dad would do next we picked our clothes where we had flung them to and dressed slowly. Ifunaya made to leave but dad restricted her “where do you think you are going to?” Ifunaya stood speechless.
“Where has your sister gone to?” mom spoke for the first time. The moment I tried to speak mom’s phone rang. The words he used during the conversation and her mood made everybody understood that the worst had happened.
“What happened, what is the matter? Who called you and why?” dad asked anxiously.
Mom answered, “I just received a call from the Izuchukwu hospital that Ngozi is admitted there”.
I knew it was because she met me having sex with Ifunaya that she was admitted in hospital again; many questions ran through my mind as to why she was taken to the hospital. We all rushed down to the hospital except for Ifunaya who dad told to go home and explain things to her mother.

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