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My Sister And I – Season 1 Episode 5

It was a very Sunny Tuesday afternoon at about 1:43pm, I decided to visit Ifunaya at the shop, when I got to the shop, Ifunaya was not around, her mother was at the shop.
“Good afternoon mama” I greeted in the usual way.
She responded, “My son how is you?”
I answered her “I am fine mama, what about Ifunaya, hasn’t she return from school?”
“She has” she said to me “I sent her on an errand, she will be back soon. What about your sister, Ifunaya told me what happened, hope she is getting better.”
I sighed. “As for now I cannot tell, our hope is on God.”
Ifunaya arrived with a black nylon bag; she also had with her my favorite plantain chips.
We hugged and she said, “My love, you are here, I was thinking of coming to see you, now that you are here, I bought this for you”. She gave me a pack of plantain.
“Thank you my love.”
“What about your sister, hope she has gained consciousness?”
“She hasn’t, we invited the priest yesterday, and he assured us all will be fine.”
She added, “I just hope so, she is so pretty to go too soon. God please save Ngozi.” She prayed.
As we got half way to my house that cold evening, Ifunaya stopped and I was taken aback by her sudden stop.
“What is the matter?” I found myself asking.
“My love I am afraid.”
“If it is because of Ngozi, you have nothing to fear for.”
She said to me “It is not about Ngozi, it is about you.”
I was shocked, what could she be fearful about me? Many thoughts ran through my mind. “What is it about me that have put fear in you?” I asked.
“I scared that one day I would lose you, I love you very much.”
I laughed out very loud. I put my arm around her “my dear” I said to her “if that is your fear, then it is no fear at all” I pecked her cheek “I will love you till the day love cease to exist on earth.”
She looked into my eyes and said, “Thank you very much. I love you more.” She fell into my arm and I loved the smell of her hair.

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