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My Prince Charming – Season 1 Episode 6

Episode Six
Prince’s P.O.V (cont)
“Will you leave me ” I said as my lips brushed her ear drawing her closer again my fingertip traced the base of her ear down her neck she turned ,gathering all her energy to say no ,but when my hands cupped her face the protest died on her lips .I came down to her with agonising slowness, and rather than crushing my mouth against hers I teased her with a feather_light touch
“I won’t hurt you tell me you love me too did you want me ” I asked looking into her eyes
“Yes I do I love you my Prince, you gave me reason to I really do Yes ” She said pulled me closer and I hugged her tight toying with her hair
“I heard other saying you belong to princess” She whispered
“Really how when my heart belong to you ” I replied
“Hello prince can I come in ” I heard Aduni voice knocking
“Oh I’m in trouble” Tomi whispered and pushed me away
“Prince can I come in ” Aduni asked again oh f–k up
“Listen ,you have to keep quiet okay I will handle it ”
“How ” she asked scared, she have to coz if Aduni find out she’s in my room by this time of the day she will be in trouble
“Watch me ” I replied and moved to the door lock it gently that she can’t just dash in
“She’s still knocking you will end up putting me in trouble my Prince,Why will you lock the door” She whispered
“Listen to me you are going no where for now, coz now the entrance door will be lock and guards will be at work by now so what will you tell them now you shut up ,sit I will not open that door until she leave okay ” I said maintaining low voice
“Are you sleeping already ,Prince pls open door I want to discuss something with you ” Aduni said still knocks like seriously this girl is up to something
“Hmmm just keep quiet let her keep on knocking” I said and asked her to sit on my bed while I settled into the only chair I have in my room beside the window after knocking without getting respond I heard her foot step she leave
“You see she just leave so are you okay now ” I asked while she nod her head
“What will you eat ,you must be hungry” I asked
“I will eat once I get to our apartment but for now I have to get Queen drug for her she will be waiting for me ” She said with her face down
“I see but you know what it’s better you forget about Queen drug or your maid apartment coz you are going no where tonight ”
” No she have to take her drug what will I tell her tomorrow morning you put me into this “She said twisting her hands can’t help than to smile
” Will you let those hands rest and stop twisting them ,anyway you spend your night here it’s late Queen will be sleeping by now waking her up is like you want more trouble don’t worry she’s my Mum I will handle that part tomorrow okay ,can you now eat “I said staring at her she love me too so cool
“I’m okay ,but I can’t share room with you I’m sorry” She said with her face down
“Are you saying you want to leave ” I asked ,moved closer hold her hands raised her head up
“You can’t share room with me why ”
“I don’t share room with others ” She replied
“Liar ,if I’m right you share room at the maid apartment three in one room and here it’s two in one room not even two, one coz our heart beat for each other. I lie?” I smiled at her while she rolled her eyes
“They are my friend and also female not male ” She replied
“Hmm I see ,scared I may take advantage of you right, you know I won’t hurt you ”
“Pls just help me out ” She pleaded
“Okay ,fine Is that what you want ”
“Yea ” she replied
“Okay stay here and when I’m coming I will let you know it’s me don’t open this door for anybody okay ” I said,opened the door leave the room for her while I went to get what she will eat ,I returned back to my room but she still insist that she’s okay refused to eat I wonder what’s wrong with her
“You have to take some okay just this juices”
“I’m fine, you can’t understand” She replied
“Is this how you Skip dinner” I asked
“I’m fine okay ” She replied holding my hands staring at me with that funny look on her face
“Okay ,but still you have no choice than to sleep in my room for today ,I can’t take you out ,king will find out pls if you truly love me stay okay ,I don’t want trouble for you ” I said and cupped her face now she was looking into my eye’s like someone who saw a ghost
“Tomi” I called
“I’m sorry but ….”
“I understand scared right ,you sleep on the bed I will just rest my back on the chair okay ” I said carried her and laid her on my bed, kissed her forehead while she smiled
“Sweet dreams” I said and settled into my chair
“Thank you ” She said
“Tomi sleep okay I want to watch you sleeping okay? ” I said and stared off she smiled
“Okay ” she closed her eyes not long she’s sleeping already funny she’s smiling while sleeping she look more beautiful .Like it’s hurt sleeping on a chair not long I have no choice than to break my promise it’s not easy sleeping like that I just have to sleep beside her maintaining some distance
★Following day ★
I woke up to the sound of my phone pinged with new message.
“Oh it’s another day” I yawned
“Tomi” I checked the time 10:30am
“Ohh where is she ” I dashed out in my pyjamas she may be in trouble about what happened last night
Tomi’s P.O.V
I opened my eyes and saw him beside me ,I checked the time , maid will be moving up and down no one will suspect me now. I just have to get out of his room,I tip toe out so I won’t wake him up luckily for me nobody saw me .I ran to the maid apartment that was when I know the worst is waiting for me I didn’t escape I’m in hot soup
“He said he love you and that make you sleep in his room Tomi” Tehmy said giving me that bad look
“Is not what you are thinking Tehmy believe me nothing happen, is just that I don’t know I love him too ” I replied
“Love ,you fell in love with prince don’t you know he belong to princess Aduni” Yemi said arranging her dress
“Hey! Aduni’s family hold it there,Are you deaf when she said Prince asked her out beside nothing is wrong with my friend she’s a Queen too and that Aduni or what ever don’t bring her topic here it’s obvious that Prince have no feeling for her look at what she told us ,he didn’t open the door for her but keep our friend safe in his room she even sleep on his bed so let that one go eh ” Tehmy said referring to Yemi
“And is that the reason why you said I’m deaf” Yemi eyed Tehmy
“I’m sorry Yemi” I cut in
“Ahh iyawo omo oba (prince wife )I’m not talking to you but you know what okanjua lon da eh lamu Tomi (selfish interest is disturbing you Tomi)You can’t have him believe me this not love it’s lust ” Yemi hissed and walked out of our room I feel bad immediately she said that to me
“Kini(what) you can have him Tomi believe me but let leave that aside Yemi no well eh. Queen asked of you last night and she’s mad at you that’s I’m scared , even if Prince asked you to stay you know you alone serve Queen her drug, I’m scared only God knows the kind of punishment that will follow this ” Tehmy said with concern
“I know ,I told him but he insist” I said as tears dropped from my eyes I messed up
“And accept coz that’s what you want ” Yemi walked in again as she laid on her bed
“Yemi what’s your problem, whatever that happened between them I personally I love it ,at least it’s love we can’t blame Tomi and if what I said ,saying you are deaf leads to this abnormal behavior pls just forget about it she’s our friend and she’s in love hmm” Tehmy said
“Tehmy did I say something bad anyway good for you but I’m out of it ”
“Yemi ” I called
“Don’t call me,you know princess Aduni and her father I still need my life ” Yemi said and stared off
“Tomi don’t worry everything will be fine just go and see Queen first we will talk about this later ” Tehmy kissed my head
“Thanks” I replied and leave to see the Queen
“I thought you will wait for me to call on you,where are you last night ” Queen asked I can’t find my voice,I’m lost like I don’t know what to say”
“Are you deaf you bastard where are you ” Queen yelled while fear took over me I was just shaking unable to find my voice
“What’s going on here ” My lord Aduni asked as she walked into the palace and sit beside the Queen. She explained how I fail to bring her drug to her last night
Then Aduni come closer and hit my face hard immediately I find my voice as the hot slap landed on my checks
“I’m sorry my Queen, I’m sorry Princess I’m sorry my King ,I slept off at the garden I’m not feeling fine that’s why ” I lied on my knees
“You are not feeling fine right and you don’t care if my wife is alright” King yelled
“I’m sorry my lord” I said When we are taking about hot slap princess Aduni is good at that
“Queen ,King Pls I will take care of this idiot and teach her a lesson” Princess Aduni said
“I trust you for that ” Queen said leavings me for Aduni who asked me to follow her to the garden
“I’m sorry princess I’m not feeling fine that’s why I’m sorry ” I pleaded on knees
“Still talking” princess Aduni yelled at me about to hit me again then princess Ewa cut in
“Don’t hit her again coz it’s non of your business this is Adeyeye’s Kingdom not Adetola’s kingdom” Princess Ewa said holding her hands in the air
“Did you know what she did ” She asked burning
“Yea ,I told her to rest that I will do that for her it’s my fault I should have informed Queen on time and I just explain to her so let her go now and beside This kingdom belongs to me coz I’m the only princess of this kingdom I’m still around so you can’t act on my behalf” Princess Ewa said like she lied because of me I’m surprised
“Ewa you have started again hmm” Aduni shouted
“Hey you are shouting don’t you think it too early for that and maid around” Princess Ewa said and asked me to get up
“Now to my room ” She said
“Okay princess” I said leaving for her room then I saw him
“What’s going on here” Prince asked yawing still in his pyjamas I guess he just woke up I smiled inside even though he caused this for me but seeing my love around makes me smile
“Tomi” He called
“Prince” Aduni smiled as she hugged him the hug last for some minutes I feel jealous
“Bro morning” Princess Ewa greeted holding my hands
“My Prince” I bow
“Tomi I want you right now ” He said and turn to leave
“Sorry bro I want her first ” princess Ewa said dragging me along with her
“Ewa ,prince said he want her too” Aduni yelled
“I don’t care” she yelled back as she dragged me in
Now in her room
“My princess” I said on my knees
“Stand up Tomi ,it’s nice I can see you are smart ” She said smiling
“Thanks for saving me” I said with my face down
“You deserve it,where are you last night” She asked
“Ehm,At the garden sleeping” I lied
“Hmm nice especially if the garden happened to be like prince room and prince also stay in that room with you and in the morning you tip toe out of that beautiful garden and came back to beg our Queen right ?” She asked backing me my jaw down she saw me

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