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My Prince Charming – Season 1 Episode 5

Episode five
Aduni’s p.o.v (cont)
“How dare you talk to me like that ” I said raised my hands up to hit her then he dashed in
“What’s going on here ” My love asked I feel like the ground should swallowed me this annoying princess pushed me to this I bit my lips down I can’t even find my voice all I do is to ran out holding the tears in my eyes
I saw Queen on my out
“Princess” she Called
“I’m sorry mother I had enough” I replied as I ran out
“Let’s go ” I yelled at my maid they rushed to me open the car door I slid into the back seat as my driver zoomed off
Ewa’s P.O.V
“And what happened ” Prince asked and raised my face up with his middle finger and step back sitting on my bed waiting for my reply
“Brother believe me nothing happened is just that I told her the bitter truth ” I replied
“And who are ,you said what to her ” Mum asked as she dashed into my room that look on her face tells she’s mad at me
“Just the truth Mum, believe me I didn’t hurt her” I replied
“Excuse me Mum I will be back soon” Prince said and walked
“I told you Ewa not to cross your boundary ,Ewa listen to me there is nothing you can do to stop all this plan ” Mum yelled
“And when fate have it’s own way what will you do? ,what if the future have another plan for them? ,what if they are not ment to be together ? what will you do Mum? ” I fired back
“How dare you ” Mum said and hit my face
“You hit me Mum just because of her ” I yelled holding my checks
“Mum” Prince called as the door opened
“Yea just because of her stay out of this Ewa ” Mum said and walked out
“I’m sorry princess” prince said coming closer
“Leave now ” I yelled
“But Ewa what’s going on Mum never hit you before, she just hit you, Aduni was here too she ran out when she saw me ,will you keep on hiding the truth from me tell me what’s going on ” prince said
” Go Prince, but have it in mind I just started with them “I said and point at the door
“Okay Now I understand” He said and used the door
“Aduni this just the beginning”
Prince’s P.O.V
I went into my room , waiting for Tomi since everyone keep on acting strange at least she will keep my company
“My prince can I come in ” I heard Tomi voice
“Yea ,come in” I replied then the door opened
“My Prince” she said and bow
“Did you check the time I asked you to be here by one and this past one can you explain why you keep me waiting” I said with serious tone
“I’m sorry I have a lot to do that’s why ” Tomi said
“Really can you just flashback coz I checked on you and I was told they can’t find you I search everywhere in this palace where have you been ” I asked
“I’m sorry Queen asked me to get her drug” She replied
“I see anyway I’m just kidding too” I smiled while she smiled back
“Sit pls ”
“Thank you ” She replied
“It’s just a fairly tale I have here but you will love it ” she smiled and brought out one old note like that
“Okay I’m listing” I replied and laid on my bed facing her she started Reading.
I was just staring at her admiring her beauty, she’s too beautiful to be a maid she’s a Queen, raw diamond ,not just beauty Everything about her is mesmerizing. Her smile and laugh can stop you dead in your tracks, and her eyes seem to light up the world when they smile. Everything about her redefines perfect. She has the ability to make anyone forget how to breathe. She may cause stomach sickness, headaches, inability to think, weakness of joints/bones- making it hard to stand up straight near her.She’s just a perfect example of beauty the smile on her face when she’s reading weaken my heart ,when she laughed when she got to the funny part I can’t help than to laugh to my heart beat increase each time she’s close to me ,her golden heart makes me fall in love with her all over and over again I can’t even pay attention to what’s she was reading out for me all my attention was on her admiring her beauty
“Hope you enjoy it my Prince it’s funny right ” she smiled
“Ehm ,ehm you said what ” I asked lost
“You mean the story is boring,you don’t like it ” She asked as the smile on her face disappeared
“No it’s nice ” I replied holding her hands
“I feel good now ” She said as the smile appear again
“Tomi you are my friend right ” I asked
“You said so ” She replied
“It’s okay ,pls can you help me ”
“With what ” she asked ,I sit up hold her hands and smile
“I’m confused, and I need help,put your self in my shoe , if you find it hard to stop thinking about a particular person,you find it hard to stay without this same girl ,you want her close to you ,you want to see her all the time ,hear from her see smiling what’s going on ” I asked
“My Prince I think you are in love” She replied
“How ”
“This is just love you love her and I will say you should go for her ” She smiled
“Yea I will like to leave ” She said and I released her hands
“Did you want to know who your friend is dying for and who your prince is falling for ” I asked stopping her half way
“I don’t have to disturb my self I know who you are taking about bless you ” She said and ran out
“What! Is it what I’m thinking”
Queen’s P.O.V
“My king ”
“What’s wrong Queen ” King Adeyeye asked
“I’m disturb why will Ewa keep on hurting Aduni this way she’s hurting this girl all the time pls talk to her ” I said holding his hands
.”My Queen you have my words “King Adeyeye replied ask her to come to me ”
“Sure I will be back ” I jumped out now she will have no choice than to step out of this
“Can I come in ”
“No Mum” Ewa replied
“Daughter pls ”
“Come in ” she replied as the door opened
“King want you but first I want to say sorry about what happened, you caused it you know ” I said
“It’s obvious you care about her more than me, you love her more you love your own daughter did you think I’m stupid Mum, did you think I’m fighting her for no reason did you bother to asked me what really happened ,did you allowed me to explain my self ,did you care did you ,you raised your hands and hit me ,fine I will like to see father now ” She said and walked out of me
Oh my God I’m sorry daughters you pushed me what have I done why
“Ewa pls wait ” I yelled but she refused
“Daughter you look sad” King Adeyeye said and stared at me
“She’s here ” I said and stared off
“You don’t have to bother your self Dad, I know Mum report me to you she can have him and I promise I will step out from this if he love her good for him and good for you and if it’s the other way round I wish you the best but for me I’m leaving this kingdom for you and for her first thing tomorrow morning I can’t stand it any more Dad I’m sorry ” Ewa said I can feel her pain I should have control my self
“Ewa pls you can’t leave ” I said move close to her hold her hand but she released them
“You don’t want me mum you care about her more than me she’s the one you want I can’t stay here ” Ewa yelled
“Daughter you can’t go.I’m saying sorry she explain everything to me but pls stay pls daughter stay and let peace reign do your thing and let Aduni be ,as times goes on she will change to pls daughter” King Adeyeye said pleading
“Just for you Dad ” She said and leave
Two months later
Prince’s P.O.V
I spend my time with her once I’m less busy ,make her feel comfortable around me ,go out with her alone,make her feel happy laugh with her ,crack joke with her but I still don’t have the courage to approach her or let her know how I feel about her
I went out with her alone to get something at supermarket on getting home I saw Aduni waiting at the garden already with Queen and King I have to attend to her
“Pls wait for me in my room okay ,don’t leave okay” I said to Tomi who just walked out without uttering a word
“What’s wrong” I join Dad and Mum at the garden
“Longest time it’s been a week now “I said referring to Aduni who just smiled at me
“And she’s here already ” Mum cut in
“Prince she’s here for a week so you don’t have to complain again ” Dad said
“But I didn’t complained ” I said and sat beside Mum
“Are you saying I’m not welcome, what have I done to you ,you don’t want to see ” She said as her eyes turn red like she want cry
“Noo Aduni I’m glad you are here ” I said as Mum eyed me
“Oh really” She asked with a smile on her face now
“Yea ” I replied
That was how it started Dad and Mum leftus alone just to make her feel happy we started talking ,laughing ,gisting that I forgot I asked Tomi to wait for me in my room
After dinner, I went inside my room to sleep I opened the door and saw Tomi still waiting
“Oh my God you are still here ” I said
“You asked me to stay ,you just put me in trouble I have a lot to do you delayed me ,you forget about me just because of her ” She said with pain in her eyes I feel so bad
“Have you eaten it 9:00pm already ” I said trying to change the topic
“How will I eat when you asked me not to leave your room is it because I’m your maid ” She said
“No Tomi don’t say that I’m sorry” I said
“I have to leave Queen will be waiting thank you” She said about to leave I dragged her back
“You are not a maid to me you are a Queen, you mean a lot to me I love you Tomi I’m sorry I hurt you ” I said staring into her eyes then tears flowed freely on her face
“You love me ,I’m a Queen to you ” She asked
“I won’t lie to you ,you possessed me every minutes I’m sorry ” I said
“Pls will you be my love pls Tomi” I said holding her hands now she was crying
My hands skated around her hip ,a finger slipping under the hem of her top to trace the line of skin above her short skirt
“No ” she whispered ,spun back around and stepped out of my grip
“Will leave me ” I said as my lips brushed her ear drawing her closer again my fingertip traced the base of her ear down her neck she turned ,gathering all her energy to say no ,but when my hands cupped her face the protest died on her lips .I came down to her with agonising slowness, and rather than crushing my mouth against hers I teased her with a feather_light touch
“I won’t hurt you tell me you love me too did you want me ” I asked looking into her eyes
“Yes I do I love you my Prince, you gave me reason to I really do Yes ” She said pulled me closer and I hugged her tight toying with her hair
“I heard other saying you belong to princess” She whispered
“Really how when my heart belong to you ” I replied
“Hello prince can I come in ” I heard Aduni voice knocking
“Oh I’m in trouble” Tomi whispered and pushed me away
“Prince can I come in ” Aduni asked again oh f–k up

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