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My Prince Charming – Season 1 Episode 23

Episode :Twenty three
Tehmy’s P. O. V (cont)
“I can’t go anywhere again I’m tired “She said before I open my mouth and talk , bullet hit her from the back and she fall
“Tomi “I cried and rushed to her
“Tomi, noo ” I squatted beside her and placed her head on my laps
“They must not escape oo “I heard someone saying and foot step
“Tomi let’s go, pls”I said, she’s in pain
“You heard him right, go Tehmy safe your self, no matter how you try you can’t safe me coz I’m dying already, pls go, let me be, safe your self “She said in pain as tears dropped from her face
“We are almost there, be strong I won’t leave you alone “I said trying to carry her then I heard gun shot again
“I won’t forgive you if you fail to safe your self, go Thanks sis for everything pls do me a favor leave me and run for your life “She shouted in pain, placed the bag of money in my hands and pushed me then I heard their foot step they are close to the spot
“Tomi”I called as tears dropped freely
“Go pls” she waved while I started running back crying
Tomi’s P. O. V
I was still there fighting to survive when I saw two old man coming
“Who’s that” The one with gray hair asked as they move close to
“Ahh, iwo lota ba (the bullet hit you) “The with one black hair shouted as they squatted beside me
“I’m innocent, pls help me “I said faintly
“Haa we are sorry we are after busy meat not human, we are sorry “They said and the one with black hair carried me
“Ahhhhhhhh”I shouted in pain
“Sorry we are almost there”They said
“Adeyeye’s kingdom “I said
She passed out immediately she mentioned where she’s coming from, the hunter rushed her into their cafe and started treating her
Tomi’s P. O. V
“I opened my eyes and find my self in a cafe try to stand up but its hurt
“Haa”I placed my right hand on my head,”
“You are fine now “One old man like that walked in not that old he should be around fifty, fifty five
“Yes, pls how did I get here, where is Tehmy “I asked
“Just cool down , well we thank God you are safe now “He said
“Hmm? ”
“I’m coming”He said and walked out, I try and flash back
“Oh my goodness Tehmy “I called then the two old man walked In
“Young lady, I can see you are doing fine now”The one with gray hair touch my head
“My friend “I said
“Who are you talking about and beside walking, around that time is dangerous, especially pregnant woman, anyway thank God you are fine now and beside we saw you alone lying down dying “The one with gray head who later introduce him self as Kunle
“I know but its a long story can you help me find my friend “I asked
“You have to eat now and follow us home then we will listen to your story “The one with black hair who later introduce him self as Femi
They are from the kingdom we saw that midnight, they insist I stay with them till I regain my strength, I stay with Kunle the man with gray hair and his wife, but Femi and his family never stop checking on me, they send some guys after Tehmy but they return back with sad news
How I wish I let her stay with me when she insist
One month later I decide to go back to my kingdom and check on my sisters, princess and prince, I missed them and need to confirm Tehmy is safe. I told my new parent about it (Kunle and Simi) I’m surprised when they started crying
“I’m sorry if I hurt you, I know you care but I have to risk this “I hugged them
“Tomi you are the only one we see as our child, you call us Mum and Dad, we lied to you we have no child to call our own since we get married pls Tomi don’t leave”Kunle said holding my hand same with Simi, it was as if they pour cold water on me, that means they are barren
“Omo mi (my child) pls, I can’t stand it if anything happen to you or your baby, pls you are the only one that bring back happiness, pls stay with us, what if they find out you are back and hurt you Tomi joo(pls), stay with us, I promise to be there as mum the way you call me”
“I’m sorry, I will come back “I said
“Okay let’s do it this way, Adetola’s festival will start next month, why not stay with us now then during the festival you will be safe and also you will see your love ones coz that’s a great festival that everyone will attend plsss”Kunle pleaded
“But not maid, Tehmy won’t be there same with Yemi “I said
“Your prince will be there and he can help you get them then we leave together again “He added
“Tomi”Simi called
” Yemi, Tehmy “I called
At Adeyeye’s kingdom
Prince’s P. O. V
When I saw her again, I’m so happy that my Tomi is safe not until she let out the cat saying she’s dead. I can’t even find my voice I started sweating even when its cold
“What! “Ewa shouted
“Tomi do what “I grabbed her dress
“I’m sorry, I try to safe her but she asked me to go “She said crying
“Tehmy, Tomi do what “Yemi asked
“I’m sorry “she replied then Yemi fainted
“Yemi “We shouted as we rush to her
A week later
Since she return back , she’s no her self seeing things we can’t even explain suffering g from hallucination
“Nooooooooo ooo”Tehmy shouted at night
“Tehmy what again “Yemi run to her holding her hand
“Tomi, I saw her again, she’s bleeding, she’s crying, In the pool of blood, I saw her “She cried
“Tehmy,its just a dream, imagination “I said hugging her
“But I saw her doing the day too, I’m I crazy, I said I saw her again I saw Tomi again “She shouted
“You are okay hmm but just, you need to rest this to getting to much ”
“I can’t , I keep on seeing her when I close my eyes I cause this she ask us to go in during the day but I refuse “She cried
“Tehmy stop blaming your, you have no idea that you will be attack at least you tried, just fate “I can’t help than to cry too, prince situation is even worst, he’s not him self again, always in his room, talking to him is just waste of time coz by the time he will reply you he will be like
They search everywhere but can’t find her body when princess send some guys to that spot
“I Really miss you, we all miss you ”
Some weeks later
Adetola’s kingdom
Aduni P. O. V
I heard about what happen to prince and his missing Tomi , I started visiting his kingdom time to time, be close to him and also take him out just to change his mood wow he’s getting over it now, we now spend enough time together and always getting his attention and always there for him at first he hate me but now he want me. The main problem is still that annoying princess Ewa she’s always giving me attitude which I don’t understand like I care I’m having my prince attention already though he still think about her but as time goes on he will accept the fact
I was in my room arranging my things also preparing for our festival when Peju knock
“Come in”I smiled coz I know she’s back with my jeweries I asked her to get for me in another kingdom
“My princess you will love it “She placed the box beside me while I check it out
“Yes, you get, I want this”I said and try it on
“What did you think ”
“You look beautiful, but guess who the seller is “She asked
“like I care “I replied and placed it back in box
“Yes you care, Tomi prince love happen to be the seller “She said and step back
“Are you kidding me Tomi ”
“Yes princess I saw her, she even pick this for me “she replied
“Now I understand, playing pranks on me ”
“Princess she’s the one I saw her “She replied
“oh no, I’m getting it “I fake a smile and send peju out
“This time you won’t excape if truly you are Tomi ”
T. B. C

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