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My Prince Charming – Season 1 Episode 21

Episode : Twenty one
Tehmy’s p o. V
She’s so tired that she have to rest, she really try coz we’ve cover a long distance leaving Aeyeyee’s kingdom now in the thick forest we choose as our escape route, luckily for us we saw a cafe ahead
“Let’s check if there is someone there “I said
“I’m scared tehmy it’s dark what if something went wrong
“Everything will be fine, okay let me check first “I said asking to sit under one big tree like that as I walk down to the cafe
“Is anybody here “I asked no respond then I go in to check if we can spend the rest of the day there
“Empty cafe wow, all thanks to our gods “I smiled then I heard her screaming
“Eh Tomi “I rushed out of the cafe and saw her coming running
“What’s going on “I asked
“Snake “She said as she stopped half way breathing hard
“Snake where”I asked as I run to her
“On the tree, I just look up and saw the snakes, I’m afraid “She said as I placed her hand on my shoulder helping as we walk down to the cafe
“It’s safe there,sorry eh ”
At king Adetola’s kingdom
(Royal garden)
“Dad what’s your plan I expect you to do something today ”
“Daughter, I think you will fight this yourself “King Adetola replied
“But Dad! ”
“Aduni you can’t blame your father, he would have fight for you but the chief priest said the gods want peace for a year, so your father can’t call for war “Queen Adesewa lied
“Mum, when ”
“Daughter your mum is telling the truth, you know our festival is around the conner and the priest said there must be no war, that the gods want peace, so there is nothing I can do about that i’m sorry, but have it in mind that if you fight for it your self and win we will support you i’m sorry “King Adetola replied
“For a year just because of what “Aduni shouted pissed
“Coz they want peace or you want your father dead”Queen Adesewa replied sharply
“Mum, I’m suspecting you anyways I can handle this “Aduni said and walked out
“She’s sad”King Adetola said
“She will be fine, did you send the letter to them “Queen asked
“Hmm, yes, anyways go in there and make her feel better “King Adetola sipped his drink
“I’m sorry, I’m not in to tolerate her heavy words she will be fine “Queen rolled her eyes
“Just be careful with the way you roll your eyes “King teased
“(Smile) the last time I check it belongs to me so chill ”
“Really, maybe you don’t check well coz the last time I check I paid for everything “King Adetola smiled same with Queen
“Anyhow, I’m sure prince will be happy “Queen said and sipped her drink
“Yeah, but that doesn’t give him the assurance that he won’t get married to Aduni, well I only send a letter to them to settle thing on their own and let me know if they still want my princess or not, and also let them know my promise still stand even if they fail to keep their promise “King Adetola replied
“Hmm that’s nice “Queen added
“Not nice, I won’t take it personal if prince go for his love, but if anything that call for war happened I will break my promise. I think I need to go in now “King Adetola took a deep breath
“You change your mind because of what, my word, because of her, or you want a good history, peace “Queen Adesewa asked
“You should know the right answer, i’m not moved by your words or coz of history. I change my mind because you mention her name coz prince love someone like my Aduni and I respect the word love, “King Adetola replied and downed his drinks with a smile on his face
“Thanks “She smiled at him
“I don’t need that from you, I’m expecting that from prince “He smiled and walked in
At Adeyeye’s kingdom
King Adeyeye’s P. O. V
I was told Tomi escaped by the guards
“What! ”
“We are sorry my King, we woke up this morning and find out she’s missing we search everywhere my lord we can’t find her “Guard one replied
“You must be kidding or else you are gone “I yelled
“What’s going on here “Queen asked as she walked into the palace
“Tomi escaped”I shouted
“What, how “She asked
“I don’t know how it happen Queen she escape “One of the guards replied
“Are you sleeping or what are you drunk “I yelled at them while they stared at each other
“No “They replied
“Now listen I gave you twenty four hours to get her and bring her back or else you are all gone “I shouted as they rushed out
“What about prince”I asked
“Suspecting him “Queen asked giving me o e look like that
“And what did you expect me to do just know that I will surprise him if he’s behind this “I yelled as walked to his room while Queen ran after me, we got to his room and find him sleeping drunk
” wake up “Queen tapped him he was still sleeping
“Pretending to be sleeping “I said
“What prove did you want again, he’s sleeping drunk “Queen said
“I don’t care coz I’m not ready to loss my kingdom “I yelled and walked out
Prince’s p. O. V
I was later told that Tomi is missing, that she escape I feel so good and I don’t need anybody to tell me that EWA safe her
“Hey sis talk to me how did you safe her”I asked as I walked into her room and sat beside her
“Bro I know nothing about this I’m surprised too”She replied
“Ewa I’m sorry I don’t listen to you, sis”I pleaded
“Now you know, what if we fail eh, what if there is no way out thank God she’s safe with Tehmy”She rolled her eyes
“How did you do it, where is she now “I asked
“I just apply wisdom and not drunk like you sleeping like a dead cow when someone I cherish is there looking for a way out any ways, it started like this….. “She started explaining
“Oh my God can’t wait for tehmy ”
Two days later
Tehmy’s p. O. V (at night)
Still in that cafewe have as our new home
“Bae what did you think now at least you are fine now and we can continue our journey
“Yes,I’m missing him and princess “She said feeling bad
“Everything will be fine is just the matter of time, it’s cold let me get some wood, stay in door “I said as I went out to get some wood
I’m still picking wood , cutting when I heard one strange voice like that so scary that I couldn’t move, then I heard Tomi screaming
“Tomi, Tomi “I couldn’t move the strange voice is so loud and scary
,”Tehmy”I heard her calling my name
“Noo”I shouted and rushed out
T. B. C

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