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My Prince Charming – Season 1 Episode 17 & 18

Episode: Seventeen & Eighteen (17&18)

Ewa’s p.o.v

When I open my eyes, I look
At the once great city
And as the fog of darkness clears
The sky was as dark as shadow
The moon as red as blood
Then our once great city falls to the ground
I hear cries of inhuman screams
The wind blows with the scent of death
Death is all around, Death is already here
The whole world is surrounded with darkness
This is what will happen, if she fail
“The time is near,Darkest hour near” I screamed sweating
“Tomi” I dashed out
I went straight to prince room.
“Open this door bro ” I said knocking
“It late Ewa you should be sleeping by now ” He replied as he open the door
“Brother” I called as I walked in
“What happen, you are sweating ” He asked
“The worst is about to happen, no one survive”
“You have to let go the one you love to safe our kingdom brother ” I said and that was how we started dragging it coz he refuse to let her go and learn to have Aduni close to him I told him what I saw but he refuse saying is just a vision I don’t blame him he have no idea about who he have as sister he refuse and even send me out but this is just the beginning
“This vision must not come true Dad will be back tomorrow ” I took a deep breath walked into my room and plead with the gods to safe our kingdom and Tomi crying
(That same night )

Princess Aduni’s p.o.v

I can’t help than to lock my self up in my room I will only step out when Dad return back can’t believe My Mum also support him
# Flash back
I return back to my kingdom and dashed into Dad room only to get there and find Mum alone
“Where’s Dad ” I asked
“You can’t greet and what bring you back by this time I thought you said you will stay long” She asked
“Where is Dad Mum ” I asked pissed
“Fine he’s out,he will be back tomorrow” She replied
“Mum this is nonsenses” I yelled at her
“You mean ”
“Mum Adeyeye’s kingdom must pay,Prince choose his maid ” I yelled
“Yea carrying his baby Mum that was what I saw when I went there I need Dad ” I yelled
“That idiot they called their princess called me a spoiled thing Mum I had enough I’m Adetola’s princess they regret this Mum” I walked out of her and head to my room burning
Some minutes later
Mum walked into my room and find me crying
“Aduni ” She called
“When will you learn to respect privacy Mum” I said and cleaned my tears
“You are insulting me or what Aduni ” She asked I sense she’s mad at me like I care
“Mum get out of my room ,she’s pregnant, carrying his baby ,he said he want her instead of me I’m not beautiful?,she called me spoiled thing Mum ” I said crying
“And that’s who you are,spoiled thing ,princess with no sense ,you lack manners and want him to get married to you oh my God how I wish they even beat you up and send your dying body back to our kingdom” Mum said looking me in the eyes
“You support that,is not your fault Mum how I wish dad is around will you say this to me when Dad is around ,Anyway use the door Mum ” I yelled at her as I walked to the door and open it pointing that she should leave,suddenly she gave me the shock of my life she slapped me
“Beautiful with out manners, when will you learn to be humble Aduni,you are selfish, wicked fine Adeyeye promise you but you can’t force his son to love you,go ahead tell your father go fight them and kill them all then let’s see if you will have your Prince charming beside you,what will be your gain if you kill them all don’t you have sense ” Mum yelled I wanted to say something but another slap landed on my face
“Shut up and let me talk,learn to be humble coz you are not who you think you are and I won’t allow your father to fight their kingdom let’s see what you will do about that ” She eyed me and walked out I just sat down rest my head and cry till my eyes stop sending
# Back to present
“The girl you called fool and rag is far better than you,you spoiled thing”(Ewa words)
“Since you know then I will announce that she’s the one I want as my Queen “(Prince words)
“Nooo” I threw the glass cup I was holding at the door and it get broken
“Can’t wait for Dad ” I said and the door open as my favorite maid walked in
“Get out ” I yelled
“I’m sorry my princess, I can make you feel better,you can still have him my princess” She said on her knee
“When that thing is carrying his baby” I shouted
“It doesn’t matter,I have a plan, perfect plan” She said
“And what’s that” I asked
“My princess…….”
The following day
King Adeyeye’s p.o.v
Immediately Queen told me about what happened,all I do is to called Queen Adesewa coz she’s the only one that can stop King Adetola and princess Aduni and she promise to help too
“What the hell is wrong with you ” I yelled
“I’m sorry father ” He said and I hit his face
“And where’s she” I asked
“Maid apartment”
“Imagine, my own slave ”
“But my own Queen carrying my baby” He replied while I hit his face hard again
“It’s alright my lord ” Queen said
“Dad” Ewa called
“Shut up ” I shouted at her
“Now you bring her here ” I order one of our slave to bring Tomi
Some minutes later she was dragged in crying ,she go on her knee pleading for her life
“Father don’t do this plss” Prince said on his knee
“I won’t watch you destroying my kingdom just because of her ” I yelled
“I’m sorry ,I’m sorry my Lord I’m sorry ” Tomi said crying
“Mum pls help me beg Dad don’t touch her ” Prince said
“Dad pls,she’s carrying your grand child” Ewa said pleading too
“Will you shut up I warned you now it’s time for no mercy I won’t spare her and end up lossing my kingdom,lossing my people just because of a maid”
“You thought carrying your baby will safe her noo Aduni will be the mother of your kids and our future prince and princess I’m sorry I can’t beg your father coz I want her as an example just to teach others a lesson ” Queen added
“I have nothing to say about it I’m sorry bro ,I’m sorry Tomi ” Ewa said with her head bow
“Now listen I would use your blood to write back to king Adetola and you prince in six months now you are getting married to Aduni ” I said and asked them to put her in jail till I’m ready to write prince run to her trying to safe her
“Get him hold too ” I command my savant standing beside me while they dragged him away from her
“Father no,Father no” He shouted

Tomi’s p.o.v

I keep on begging for my life but I was hold by two strong savant who are ready to drag meout,Prince was hold down too so he won’t come near me as his father order . They were about to drag me out when I ask for one more chance to express my self
“I’m listening ” King Adeyeye said I stared at prince and princess they were crying what will they do when their father will write with my blood immediately Adetola send a message to him
“I accept my fate but that tell how wicked you are Adeyeye” I said and everyone shouted
“How dare you ” He yelled
“You would kill me I know but the love I had for him won’t die ,you sperate us but we are together always ,you don’t even pity your first grand child ,did you bother to feel my pain ,I may be your slave to you I’m nothing but I’m someone daughter you may be rich and control people today that doesn’t change you from who you are ,we are all human” I said crying
“Will you shut up before I asked them to cut off your tongue ” He shouted at me while Queen moved close to me and hit my face hard while I started laughing,tears dropping freely I stared out and saw other maid and stared off
“Cut off my tongue like I care and you Queen that’s not the first time you will hit me are you even a mother? did you worth to be called mother? I’m sorry you don’t deserve the tittle and my prince I know how much you care pls don’t miss me when I’m gone and princess thank you I accept this as my destine,prince if truly you love me don’t cry because of me coz I want you happy and also in love again I love you ” I said
“Take her out and you will regret this ” King yelled while I’m dragged out
“Tomi, Tomi” I heard princess and Prince calling ,I stared back they were crying and tears
“I ask you not to cry pls smile ” I said ,while princess turned back at me and prince fighting to free him self
I saw each maid crying and I sight my sister Yemi and Tehmy crying too they run to me
“Tomi” They called
“Yemi,Tehmy don’t cry I will miss you pls stay safe and get your self free one day ”
“Noooooo” They shouted crying while I was taken away from them
“Bad day”
At Adetola’s kingdom
“Don’t you dare hit her again” King Adetola yelled
“And I won’t watch her treating others like that ” Queen Adesewa fired
“She’s a blessing from the gods to me and what ever she want must have it, why will you hit her ”
“King Adetola,I can’t believe someone that pass through something similar to this can behave like this ,I think you still remember your real Aduni your first love she’s also a maid ,I think you remember how you feel since the day you are separated and forced to love your ex wife ,and apart from that it’s unfair I’m not saying you shouldn’t fight for her love what did Adeyeye’s promise have to do with Adeyeye’s people. The tie between you and your real aduni can’t be broken coz till now you still love her I’m sure if you set your eyes on her today you will forget me your Queen and even that spoiled thing you are siding coz each time you remember her you still wet your pillow
Hear your self out what will people say about this trying to force them to love each other and when love fail you decide to kill everyone just because the gods bless us and we happened to bethe winner always is that a good name just because of her you yelled at me and between us we know the real person Aduni is I mean your princess and one more thing love is not by force you should talk to your selfish daughter and think twice and think about your maid Aduni your first love think about your past will she be happy with you ” She said and walked out while King Adetola’s sat at the edge of his bed
“Aduni” He called

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