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My Prince Charming – Season 1 Episode 15 & 16

Episode: fifteen and sixteen (15&16)
Tomi’s p.o.v(cont)
I woke up wrapped in prince arms. My face was pushed against his bicep,His breathing soothed the thumping of my heart.
I bit down my lower lip as I watch his peaceful face ,full lips were curved into a slight smile,How did he managed to look perfect? damm him .
Flashes of last night came back as rush of needy achy feeling. Every part of my body throbbed in a totally satisfied, pleasure overload kind of way finally I gave him my pride
“Can you stand it staring at his face again after what happened, No girl get up ” I said to my self as I extract myseif from his muscular hold. I slipped out of the bed,holding my breath as my feet touched the ties. It was like playing a game of sleeping Giant, only that the giant was my Prince charming I’m trying to escape from his room after making love.
I tiptoed around the room,picked up my dress. Dressing slowly and as silently as possible .I sneaked out of his room as I head toward our apartment
“Hey where did you spend your night you keep us waiting last night ” Tehmy hissed as she open the door
“I’m sorry ” I’m kind of disturb will I tell them the truth that I spend my night in his arms, will I tell them we make love ,will I tell them I’m this cheap
“No it’s personal” I thought
“Hey Tomi if I’m right Tehmy just ask you where you stay last night
“Never mind girls beside I’m feeling sick I need to rest hmm ” I said as walked into our bathroom ,shower dressed up and laid on the bed resting,I flashed back and smile
“Even if I can’t have you at the end of the day I’m glad I gave you my pride ” I smiled not minding Tehmy and Yemi words
“Keep it to your self as long as you want but at the end of the day I’m not ready to hear any heart touching stories” Tehmy hissed I guess I keep them awake with the hope that I’m coming
“Dakun(pls)let’s go Tehmy ,but Miss when you are ready join us ” Yemi said as they use the door
Five weeks later
Aduni’s p.o.v
After staying in his kingdom for two weeks I notice he’s hiding his love one so he thought he’s smart noo ,I always have a better plan but I still have to be fast about my plan,since he’s hiding her I decide to send a spy to his kingdom someone that will find out that idiot that stole his heart away
“My princess I have good news for you ” peju said on her knee
“You find that idiot ” I asked
“Yes my princess, someone from no where my princess you won’t believe it my princess ” She said
“Tell me her father is rich ?Famous?one of their chief daughter, another princess tell me who is she ” I yelled backing her
“My princess your Prince stood so low that he’s in love with his maid ” She said I turned and face her draw her up
“Are you out of your mind ” I yelled holding her neck
“Ehh I deliver message and end up in trouble, my princess I’m saying the truth pls I’m dying ” She said pleading
“And you return back to me saying he’s in love with a maid ” I yelled as I tightened my grip
“Ehh I’m dead oo I’m sorry ” She said dying while I pushed her away
“Now you will go back study their movement, give me details about that rag and her friends I know what to do after having the complete information about her and listen you have a week to end this ” I yelled while she rushed out of my room
Tomi’s p.o.v
It’s been two weeks now I notices some change in me,I sneak out with Tehmy to check out whats wrong with me after the test at the Royal clinic I asked her to stay coz Queen need my attention that morning I have to leave as soon as possible. I just pray is not what I’m thinking
“Tomi talk to me what’s wrong with you ” Yemi asked
“What’s wrong with her or you should ask her who owns the baby she’s carrying ” Tehmy said as she walked in with the result I rushed to her to confirm if she’s joking or something
“Tomi you are pregnant” Tehmy let the cat out
“Me” I said and fainted I later opened my eyes,they gave me enough time to rest before we started discussing about it again
“I can’t be pregnant na ” I said
“But the result” Yemi shouted
“If I land you slap eh you will voice out or you are waiting for Queen to suspect you before you voice out see her face like I’m not pregnant” Tehmy hissed
“I just can’t believe this is just a night ” I said ashamed of my self
“A night with who ” Yemi asked
“With prince ,that night ” I replied sounding like a fool and that’s who I am
“Chai you are dead Tomi why will do this ” Yemi shouted
“Like seriously,so just a night mean you won’t get pregnant see me see this fool oo” Tehmy eyed me
“I’m sorry pls help me out ” I said
“Abort or what” Yemi asked
“Kill my baby” I asked scared
“Not only killing the baby,you will follow your baby too mtcheeeeew” Tehmy hissed first time Tehmy will be against me
“I’m sorry”
“What did you feel now Tehmy is not time to fight her” Yemi said
“Yemi that’s bad you just have to be bold and tell Prince oo so he can sort this out just pray he accept you coz for me I’m against abortion ” Tehmy said trowing the result at me I hold it tight and wet it with my tears dropping freely is not about the result is about disappointing my friend.Now my last hope is Prince accepting the baby or else I will face the law only God know what will happen to me if he reject me, deep in thought when one of us knock on our door
“Tomi Queen ask you to come now ” She said giving me one look like that that I started suspecting myself
“Okay thanks ” I replied and she leave
“Hope is not what I’m thinking “Yemi said
“Like what ,another copy of the result” I asked
“Yea as usual but I don’t think so coz I beg him to keep it as a secret ” Tehmy said
“Yeee I’m in trouble” I said hitting my head
“Really, you just know ” Tehmy said with no concern
“Tehmy why are you like this” Yemi yelled at her
“As if I know,well I told you in the first place that I’m not ready for story that touch the heart pls ” She laid on her bed without a pity
“Tehmy I’m sorry,pls forgive me ,I know I did what’s wrong and I’m in trouble now I can’t just help it,It’s a mistake I can’t correct Tehmy even after what happened I don’t regret my action coz I love him ,I’m sorry Tehmy I’m really sorry ” I said crying than she move close to me
“It’s okay Tomi you know how much I love you,I don’t just want any bad thing to happen to you ,I hate it when you are punish ,I hate it when you cry Tomi ” She said and hugged me
“I’m sorry ”
“She’s sorry Tehmy she’s still our friend and our sister let sort this out ” Yemi added
” Anyway I can’t watch you like that Just be strong ,I begged the doctor and also pay him I don’t think Queen have another copy of the result and beside we sneak out she have no idea about it” Tehmy said while I released the hug and smile
“Thanks ”
“You’re welcome, I know he won’t betray us ” She smiled at me
“Yemi” I called
“Be strong dear clean your face ” Yemi said holding my hand
I feel relief coz Tehmy have forgiven me. Reaching the palace Queen face is not smiling all thanks to our gods that king Adeyeye is out for some program my heart started beating fast as I go on my knee
“You Tomi of all people ” Queen said as she signal to the maid beside her and she gave her the envelop she have with her
“You sneak out of the palace coz you know you will have something like this as the result ” She shouted and throw the envelop at me
“Explain what you have their ” She shouted at me
I opened the envelope another copy of the result
“I’m sorry” As tears dropped freely from my face
“And what’s going on here ” princess Ewa asked as she walked into the palace with prince
“This fool here is pregnant and I’m asking her to tell me who responsible for it “Queen said princess Ewa and Prince stared at each other then stared at me too before taking their seat
“Finally I’m dead ” I said too my self
“Can’t you talk ” Queen yelled at me
“I’m sorry ” I said crying then Queen stood up about to hit my face then Prince grabbed her hand
“Mum respect her condition and beside Tomi tell them the truth ” He said and released Queen hand they return back to their seat I’m about to talk when they announced that princess Aduni is back
“Final final I’m buried not even dead alone ” I said to my self that look on princess Ewa face is not funny at all is like heaven will come down today ,I was left alone as they all walked out to welcome princess Aduni some minutes later they walked into the palace while I adjust my self still on my knees
“Ohh you ” She smiled
“Welcome dear pls sit ” Queen said as she sit close to prince now the whole house is ready to listen to my story
“Again Tomi ,who get pregnant “princess Ewa asked
” My prince “I let the cat out and stared at him while he smile I was like is this one crazy smiling as how
” Prince “Queen and Princess Aduni shouted staring at him
” Mum if Tomi said I’m the father of the unborn she’s right “He said Princess Aduni walked close to him and hit his face hard
“How dare you not even a better girl ” She
“Since you know now I will announce it that she’s the one I want as my Queen ” Prince said holding her hand in the air as she was about to hit him again
“Princess cool down we will sort this out ” Queen said she bring her hand down giving him that wicked look and a wicked smile on her face
“Is nothing to worry about coz I know he was in love with this fool but you this rag ” She said pointing at me
“I will surprise you ” She said about to walk out then Princess Ewa grabbed her hands
“Imagine you want him as your hubby and you slapped him for no reason and the girl you called a fool and rag is even far better than you Aduni,your attitude can’t let you have him and get this nothing must happen to her coz she’s carrying his baby,you this spoiled thing” princess Ewa said
“Safe your self first coz I’m coming for you too annoying thing”princess Aduni pushed her away and walked out the way Queen bounced on me even Prince and princess Ewa can’t safe me from her the beating bad finally I was safe from her after serious beating
“You eh Tomi you will regret been born into this world” Queen yelled as prince dragged me along with him
“Ewa you know about this too” Queen yelled
“I’m sorry Mum” She replied
Now in Prince room
“I’m sorry I caused all this ”
“I’m sorry too,I’m really sorry,I should be the one saying sorry ” He said and cleaned my face
“I want my baby safe pls help me out My prince I want my baby safe” I said crying as I rest my head on his shoulder crying
“Pls stop crying, pls ” He said
“Queen reject me almost kill me not minding the unborn, princess Aduni promise to deal with me and we all know about her father, King Adeyeye said he’s will be back soon what will be my fate ” I said crying
“Is just for the main time Tomi, just keep the Royal bead with you and always Remember that I love you ” Prince said
“Love you too” I replied while he kissed my head
Ewa’s p.o.v
When I open my eyes, I look
At the once great city
And as the fog of darkness clears
The sky was as dark as shadow
The moon as red as blood
Then our once great city falls to the ground
I hear cries of inhuman screams
The wind blows with the scent of death
Death is all around, Death is already here
The whole world is surrounded with darkness
This is what will happen, if she fail
“The time is near,Darkest hour near” I screamed sweating
“Tomi” I dashed out

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