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My Prince Charming – Season 1 Episode 13 & 14

Episode thirteen and fourteen (13&14)
Aduni’s p.o.v (cont)
“Aduni ” He called
“He his the one I want ,if I can’t have him nobody will have him let him know I said this ” I ran into my room and started crying
“Prince get ready is either me or nobody and for the one you love let see if she will survive to claim you as her own Prince” (laughing and crying)
“Aduni ” I heard Mum voice
“You don’t have to knock Mum coz I won’t open that door ” I replied
“But Aduni what happened” She asked still knocking
“Mum I heard everything and tell him I want him ” I replied
“Okay fine you father is doing something about it pls open this door and stop crying”
“Get lost Mum” I Yelled
“Yes you I want him ” I yelled
“Oh my God ” I heard her foot step leaving already
I couldn’t sleep that night like seriously I don’t know what to do but at the end of the day I came up with nice idea
“You belong to me baby” I smiled
King Adeyeye’s p.o.v
I receive a letter from king Adetola reminding me of my promise and in the letter he also told me Aduni refuse to see them as her parent until prince return back to their kingdom and and express his love to her and also he said in the letter that I only have little time to convince my son or else I should be ready for the worst
“Haaaaa Prince safe our kingdom oo ” Queen shouted
“Shut up woman I can handle this ” I replied sweating no king’s dare call for war in Adetola’s kingdom nobody will live to tell the story
“Tell that bastard to come here now ” I yelled
“I swear that girl will be destroy with her family if I find out who she is ”
“Okay my lord ,just let him accept oo” Queen replied as she walked out to call prince
Not long she return back alone
“And where’s Prince ” I asked
“He said something I can’t stand” she replied
“And what’s that ” I asked
“Your promised” He said as he walked in
“My promise ”
“Yes father I never ask for anything from you since I was a child and you promise that any day I make a request you will grant it father let me get married to the one I love ” He replied
“Prince”I called
“That’s my request, remember your promise” He said
“But the letter and my promise to Adetola”
“I saw it but father that’s my request”
“Is she that beautiful that you can’t let her go ”
“No father is not about beauty is about what I feel about her ” He said
“I’m sorry if it is sometimes else I will give it to you but for this Aduni will be your wife and your Queen ” I shouted at him and walked out can’t stand the whole thing again everything is just promise
I send a letter back to king Adetola asking him to give me time to talk to Prince and also give him my words that no matter what Aduni will be his wife all thanks to our gods he accept to give me enough time to convince him but if at last I fail him he said he won’t spare flies talk less of my people
Adetola’s kingdom
“Aduni you have to give him enough time and also respect his feelings” Queen Adesewa said
“Mum never respect his feeling? and let him go? ” Aduni yelled
“Olori (Queen )there is no point in what you are saying Adeyeye promise our princess so he have to keep to his word and Aduni she’s your mother keep your voice down ” King Adetola replied
“I’m sorry Mum” Aduni winked
“Anyway since Adeyeye is still trying to convince his son why now play your part Aduni ,you are the one that want him staying away from him won’t sort this out on time oo ” Queen Adesewa added
“Go there again let him visit me here mother I can’t stand their annoying princess and even prince him self ” Aduni replied
“And you are sure about you can’t stand it seeing prince ” Queen Adesewa teased
“Hmm Mum” Aduni smiled
“just like your mother I know you must be kidding” King Adetola added smiling
“Mum,Dad I want to be alone love you ” Aduni said as she walked into her room leaving Queen and King Adetola continue discussing in the palace
“King Adetola ,Queen Adesewa husband I just want to beg you for something” Queen Adesewa said with that pleading look
“I know once you started telling me who I am to you,you have something important you want to discuss with me right” King Adetola smiled
“Is just about love truly Adeyeye promise Aduni when she said she want him but still we can’t force his son to love her pls let’s give him time and also cool Aduni down ,we can’t force him we just have to convince him, I know you are powerful but pls consider the word Love,remember your love story too,your first love ”
“Hmm Queen I understand that’s why I’m giving them time but you know what Aduni is my only child so what ever she want she must have it until she say no I won’t let it go ” King Adetola replied
“Hmm let see how it goes then but I don’t want war ooo ah ah ”
“Olori (Queen) is not about war is all about agreement,If he keep to his word nothing like war will happen but if he refuse I won’t spare flies talk less of Adeyeye’s people” King Adetola said as he walked into his room where there is enough weapon of different kind and on another table close to the bed there is different crown with different size and the biggest crown that happen to be the ancient crown he moved close to it checking the crown all over again as if that’s the first time he will set his eyes on it
“Hmm each time I remember you I feel sad about my past ,olori (Queen) is right and that’s why I respect his feelings as well,you would have be beside me today if what happened never happen though I have someone else as my Queen now but I will never forget you ” Took a deep breath
“I’m sorry kabiesi (your Majesty) I don’t mean to remind you of your past ” Queen Adesewa said as she walked in hugging him from the back
“You are right Adesewa mi I happen to be in Prince shoe too some years ago but did you remember I still loss the one I love,I got married to her ,I got married to the girl my father want me to have as my Queen and let my love go if not for death you won’t have be my Queen today,Now our princess want him he have to let his love go too and love her as well ,promise is always promise”
“Kabiesi (your Majesty) if you want it that way so be it ” Adesewa said while he hug her tight
“Thank you she’s our only Child,she must have what she want coz that makes me king Adetola” He smiled
Aduni’s p.o.v
I’m returning back to Adeyeye kingdom to find that that girl he love,I have everything planned let see if Prince won’t fall on his knee crying and asking me to get married to him coz any girl that comes his way will be deal with the one that survive should thank her creator coz I won’t spare their life Prince Adeyeye belong to me
“Daughter be carefull ” Mum said
“Sure ”
“When you get there take it easy don’t fight him just be a good girl ” King Adetola smile
“Yes father I will make you proud and also get me nice gift for our festival Mum I want to look stunning that very day ” I smiled at Mum
“Always looking stunning girl,so you have started planing for the festival” King Adetola said and gave Queen along stare
“Dad you know your daughter is always looking stunning” I winked while Dad laughed
“Eh eh let see start going it’s getting late ” Dad said
Now at Adeyeye’s kingdom
My maid opened the car door while I stepped out stared round
“Welcome princess” Queen Adewumi smiled beside her king Adeyeye
“Longest time ” He smiled
Their maid also welcome me back to their kingdom
“Yes father longest time ” I smiled as I bow my head
“Let’s go in ” Queen Adewumi smiled holding my hands as we walked in
Since I arrived I haven’t set my eyes on prince,his parent was just promising heaven and earth unknown to them I have my own plan
“I guess he went out ”
“Yea Aduni” Queen Replied
“What about princess” I asked they stared at each other before Queen replied me
“In her room ”
“Okay I would like to check on her ” I said stoop up then I was called back
“Princess let her be ,she want to be alone” King Adeyeye replied
“Oh I see” then Prince walked in smiling as he saw me the smile on his fade away
“Prince” King Adeyeye called but he just walked out
“Princess,can you help us out” Queen Adewumi asked
“You mean me ”
“Pls” Queen pleaded
“Okau ,I will join you later ” I said and go straight to his room knocking
“Pls open the door ” then the door open
“Thanks” I walked in stared at his room before sitting beside him
“Longest time,I wonder what I did to you ,you so much hate me, like you don’t even want to see me again ”
“Stopping using the word ” Hate”coz I don’t hate you “He said as served me wine
” hmm thanks “I sipped the drinks
” You don’t want me to use that word but that’s the best word to describe what feel about me,you saw me and your smile faded away you think I don’t know ,your father called you can’t even stand me you walked away,why did you hate me like this is it because I’m in love with you ,is it because…. “He cut in
” shhhhh,I don’t walk away because of you I feel sorry about every pain my father have caused you,I feel sorry I’m sorry “He said as the glass cup I’m holding fell and break
“You mean it ” I asked almost crying
“I’m sorry ” He said
“But I love you ,why ”
“I understand I don’t want you to feel sad its late you need to rest we can discuss better tomorrow hmm” He said and kissed my head okay I will want you to check on your father I guess he have something important to discuss with you “I said stood up and about to leave
” Aduni you’re beautiful “He smiled
“Thanks , remember to call someone to pack the broken glass” I replied and walked out of his room
Prince’s p.o.v
I went to check on dad I thought we agree not to discuss with each other again. I’m surprised when my father started begging me to give Aduni my attention till she leave I just have to agree truly I can’t blame my parent I cause it too I should have keep it to my self instead of telling them I want a wife from my kingdom .
I just have to beg Ewa to play along coz I can’t leave Tomi and give Aduni her all my attention
The following day ( After lunch )
“Prince” Aduni called as she join me in the garden
“Oh you’re here pls sit ”
“Hmm I can’t see you are enjoying your day can I join you ” She said with a smile on her face
“Yea ” I said and order one if our savant to get her drinks too not long she return back and with her drinks
“You can go ” I said to her as she leave
“Thanks ,anyway just want to say I’m sorry too ” she said as she placed her hand on my hands
“I don’t get ,feel sorry for what ”
“For loving you ,ever since I set my eyes on your picture I have always want you and when you return and I set my eyes on you I can’t help I fall in love the more,I don’t know why I’m feeling this way I just can’t stop thinking about you ,pls can teach me how to love and get your love ” She said
“Aduni ,a beautiful princess,everyman taste ,you are beautiful,everything about you is beauty I understand and I say thanks for loving me ” I smiled
“Hmm you said I’m beautiful ,you said I’m every man taste but you don’t choose me ” She said and sipped her drinks
“Is not about beauty girl Is about what I feel about her ,you said you love me too Aduni why can’t you make me happy let me be and get married to the one I love ”
“May be next world prince I will never let you go ” She said with that wicked smile on her face as she downed the whole drinks and walk out of me I have to run after her to cool her temper
Tomi’s p.o.v
It’s been five days now I’m not getting prince attention,haven’t set my eyes on him since and he don’t care. I know he love Aduni he was just pretending or not sure of his feeling
“Hello hope all is well ” Tehmy asked and tapped me
“Leave me girls ,is just My Prince that princess is around again”
“Hmm and so pls we have go and sleep now,We have a lot to do tomorrow common let’s go and sleep ” Yemi said dragging me up
“Leave me ,just let me be ” I shouted as she dragged me along then I heard one of us shouting my name
“Tomi ,princess ask you to come now ” She said and walk away after exchanging pleasantry with Yemi and Tehmy
“Waiting for gist ” Tehmy yelled
“Sure I will gist you ” I yelled back
“Hello Tomi” Princess smiled
“I’m fine ,you send for me ” I replied
“Yea prince said you should bring him his favourite drinks now ” She smiled
“Okay ,I will get it now is that all ” I asked
“Yea but be careful she’s around you understand” She winked while I smile inside
“Yea” I get his drink and walked down to his room knock and he asked me to come in
“What oh my God Tomi” He called smiling
“Your drinks you ask me to bring for you ” I said and raised the tray up a bit so he can see
“Drink at this late hour,who told you to bring it ” He asked
“Princess Ewa you don’t ask for it ”
“Oh I understand, drop it ” He said while I place the tray on a stool and turn to leave
“Leaving just like that ” He said ,I turned
“What else did you want me to do at least your princess is around you don’t care again ” I said ,he grabbed my right hand and look into my eyes
“You hurt me each time you said I don’t care about you”
“But that’s the point you don’t care ” I yelled
“Hmm ,hmm really don’t tell me you are here to fight me ” he said
“Didn’t fool your self I won’t accept that ”
“I’m sorry,is just a deal ,dad beg me to give her my attention till she leave ,you know it’s you I want ” He said and kissed my head
“Hmm is that what to say to make me feel better” I whispered
“Oh ,I see I’m sorry but remember I don’t ask for drink I guess Ewa want us together” He said
“Hmm” I can’t hear hear you
“I’m sorry ,I’m sorry,I’m sorry” He said kissing me
“Hmm,don’t fool your self Mr cheese”
“You are going to pay for that ” He grinned sneaking his arm around my waist and drawing me even closer “There is different between charming and cheesy,you know ”
“You think you are charming” I teased
“I do happen to think I’m charming,I love you Tomi” He said
“I love you too ” I replied Just want to do shakara too I missed him .I t—-t my hands in his hair and wrenched his face down on mine ,slanting my mouth over his and striping away any fear.
“You just kissed me ” He teased
“Doh” I replied while he smile .He kissed his way down my neck that was how it started, landed on his bed ,rolling on top of me all thanks to the king size bed and his endless space
“I missed you ” He smiled
“Same here ” I said and brought his face closer again
T. b. c

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