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My Prince Charming – Season 1 Episode 10 & 11

Episode Ten and Eleven
Aduni’s p.o.v(cont)
I laid in my bed waiting for Prince to knock and can’t wait to let him. I kept in rolling my bed waiting finally he knock
“Come in ”
“Baby” Mum called as she walked in
“You Mum” I squeezed my face I’m expecting Prince instead
“What’s wrong you don’t want me here ” Mum asked
“No Mum sit ” I stared off
“Expecting him right ” Mum asked as she sat beside me toying with my hand
“Yes Mum, but I won’t lie to you Mum I love him ,I can’t even eat just because of him ,I just have toleave there ,he’s here with us eating together, I left you guys not eating ,did he bother to check on me and ask why I’m not eating, I don’t think he love me Mum, is only one side love ” I said as tears dropped from my eyes I stared at the wall clock 12:17am so I’ve been waiting since
“I understand what you feel ,but did you consider him too Aduni ,he’s tired I guess you know the distance he covered before getting here ” Mum said patting my shoulder
“You think so?”
“Yea,He’s yours Aduni you know he’s just this gentle lover believe me if he does not want you too he won’t be here you know ” Mum hit me lightly while I smiled
“I thought as much ” I grinned
“Prince belongs to you my dear there is an agreement between his parent and your dad and you know what that mean ” Mum smiled
“I love you Mum” I said and kissed her check
“Much love here ,get one thing baby if he fail to look at you force him ,I know you understand what that means ” Mum winked before leaving my room I was just blushing
I happened to be the one that challenged him that he didn’t ask why I lost my appetite ,he was like “I’m sorry but now you are fine ” And walked into the guest room my jaw down
“Is this how much you don’t care about me ” I asked as I dashed into his room
He moved close to me and kissed my head “I’m disturbed Aduni we can discuss this later ” He back it up with a smile like I’m speechless
“I said I’m sorry ” He patted my shoulder
“I understand, will you share what’s bothering you with me ” I asked staring into his eyes
“You can’t understand, only one person can solve this don’t worry I will be fine ” He said
“Shh never mind thanks a lot ” He said
“Okay ,can I take you out ,just to be lively pls don’t say no ” I winked
“Hmm okay and to where ” He asked
“Hmm surprise so I will waiting at the palace hmm “I smile and ran out not waiting for his response
A week later
Adeyeye’s kingdom
Prince’s P.O.V
” I guess you love Adetola’s kingdom “Mum asked
“He had no choice than to love it course his new home is the palace From next week ” Dad said
“What!”Ewa jaw down
” Dad can’t someone else do that for you ”
“Son only you can handle it okay pls son ”
“But Dad what about your P.A ” Ewa asked
“Ehh Aunty shut up ” Mum yelled at Ewa
“Okay,anyway you guys can discuss that later but gist us about what happened there ” Dad asked
“Nothing much ” I replied and sipped my drinks
“Just that Aduni have been there ,she even took me out for shoppingbut I’m amazed when every one shopping leave the whole complex just because she she want to shop Dad I won’t lie to you I have frame something as an excuse and stay back in the car ,she did the shopping alone and gave me everything I asked our savant to take in ”
“Wow life of a princess” Mum smile
“Mum are you kidding me it unfair” Ewa challenged her
“It’s okay but I won’t lie to you Mum I feel embarrassed when her savant asked everyone to leave just because she want to shop it’s unfair like Ewa said anyway I’m tired I need to sleep Ewa pls come ” I said and leavening others as I leave to my room
I discussed with Ewa and I told her everything and she promise to help too,Ewa later told me she work in Royal kitchen apartment not the Queen’s apartment but it’s some how late course I’m leaving for Adetola’s kingdom tomorrow morning that’s on Sunday and I can have enough rest course I will start work on Monday
It’s Saturday night but not too late ,I walked down to the Royal kitchen apartment and I saw her leaning on the wall with her head down
“Missing me ” I smiled at her as she raised her head
“My Prince” She called surprised
“But tell me Tomi is this how Much you hate me ” I asked maintaining two feet apart
“I’m sorry ”
“Sorry,did you even bother about how I feel hmm” I asked and moved closer to her holding her face
“I have no choice, I just want to be alone ” She replied
“But I want you beside me always ,did anybody hurt you when I left” I asked
“You don’t have to be worry about me ,all you have to do is to be worried about her ” She said removed my hands and started heading to the maid apartment
“Tomi,Tomi” I called but she kept on running
“She’s right”
The following day
She left me that way last night and don’t even bother to say goodbye too me I just have to beg Ewa to take care of her as my driver drive me down to Adetola’s kingdom everything I’m thinking about is all about her but on getting to Adetola’s kingdom Aduni change everything after lunch
“I guess you are always feeling sad when ever you are here ” She challenged me
“Is not like that Aduni ” I fake a smile
“Then spend your day with me don’t tell me you are tired plss ” she said
“But Aduni you know I cover… ”
“Shhhh horse ride ” She said grabbed my hands and started dragging me along with her
“Okay” I said laughing this time around my mood change
Aduni’s p.o.v
Mum told me to make him feel better that the expression on his face says he’s sad so I just have to dragged him along with me for horse ride from there we play play golf together play prank on him he’s so romantic but still keeping that word from me the way he stared at me I can see he’s falling and that’s what I want from him ,his mood has change getting along now
“Will you like to know more about my kingdom let’s have a walk together” I said holding his hands with that pleading look on my face coz the look on his face says he didn’t have interest
“Just for you ”
“Ohhh thanks ” I dragged him along with me running to the water fall
“And where are we going ” He asked
“Water fall ” I shouted running with him this time I asked my maid to stay back course they are always around me
” I come here when I feel lonely” I smiled at him and realised his hands he smiled back and people around go on there knee to worship me and him
“Pls stand up plss ” He said to them while I waved at them the whole people of Adetola’s kingdom knows what it means they have to leave the whole place for me princess is there to catch fun nobody dare stay and watch
“Why adding pls you are a Prince you deserve it ” I said and patted his shoulder
“I just hate it ” He replied I sense something wrong I guess he’s like princess too no wonder
“Okay that’s our own culture ” I said and splashed water on him
“What ” He asked and that was how it started running up and down splashing water on each other
“Wait I’m coming” He said while I started running trying to play hide and seek with him then I hit my leg on stone that I loss balance he rushed to me and hold me by waist trying to safe now staring at each other his hands on my waist my hands on his chest holding my breath, still staring at each other I’m confused the way he stared at me
“Did you…….” He didn’t let me finish his grip tightened and slowly he brought me inch by reluctant inch to within a whisper of his mouth .And when he blushed my lips with his I shivered and sighted because I couldn’t do nothing else .I’m fill with desire that I couldn’t say no I want more of him ,I lifted my face to kiss him the kiss last for some minute before he break the kiss
“I’m sorry can we go now ” He asked while I clean my lips I can’t even look him in the eyes
“Yes ” I replied looking down
★Prince’s P.O.V★
I don’t know what come over me ,I’m lost is that the best way to feel better now I just kissed her ,but Tomi why
“Ouch” I hold my head like I’m going crazy
“Prince” she called
“I’m sorry let assume what happened never happen”I said
” But I …..”
“I’m sorry Aduni I’m sorry” I cut in kissed her forehead and walked out of her
“Wait ” She shouted and catch up with me ,we walk down to palace, I just want to be alone
“Prince” King Adetola called as soon as we walked in
“Your Majesty” I bow
“Dad ” Aduni called
“Princess join your mum in her room ” King Adetola said while she bow ,Winked at me before leaving
“It’s been long I’ve wanted to say this anyway is nothing much I want to discuss something with you and is all about Aduni ” King Adetola said as soon as I have settled into the chair beside his throne
“Well I just want you to know that she’s is the apple of my eyes the one I love so much my only Daughter and the princess of this great kingdom ,don’t act funny with her Prince I can go to any extend just because of her I cherished her so much and also what so ever she want she must have it and I know you understand” King Adetola said while I bow my head
“Your Majesty I’m lost ” I said scared
“Ha ha ha ha don’t tell me you don’t understand anyway there is a deal between me and your parent and I want to ask when did you want to take her as your wife ”
“I want respond from you very soon ” He said and walked in
“Is this a dream noo” I run into my room grab my car key
“I need to go back home and sort this trash ”
I returned back to my kingdom Immediately even though is late
I walked into Dad room all thanks to God I met mum and Ewa there too
“Welcome back home Prince ” Mum said
“My son ” Dad called
“Big bro ” Ewa greeted smiling
“Mum,Dad, will you guys explain to me what’s going on ,you send me to Adetola’s kingdom because of this trash? Mum,Dad what’s between you and king Adetola he said something I’m finding it hard to understand did you guys take me for a fool ” I yelled
“Cool down bro ,what’s going on”
“Only mum and dad can explain Ewa ,Mum, Dad talk to me what’s going on you can’t imagine the way he placed pressure on me,saying I should be careful with his princess why me why ” I fired pissed
“Cool down son is just for our sake ,now you have to listen and listen good Prince he mean you shouldn’t break her girl heart coz you two will be husband and wife in future and I mean very soon” Mum Said
“You said what ” I asked and stared round Ewa face down and Mum stared off
“Son we make a deal ,peace with Adetola’s kingdom and you will get married to his princess . Adetola keep his promise it’s right time we keep our own promise. Son you must learn to love Aduni coz we promise Adetola that you will have Aduni as your wife if he can make peace with our kingdom” Dad explained
“What !and you never care about my feelings” I said with my jaw down
“But you want a wife here ” Mum added
“And not a princess Mum,why will you do this to me why ,forcing her on me ” I yelled
“Will you shut up Prince, how dare you yelled at me ,we are doing this for your own good ,she’s the best for you ” Dad shouted
“May be for you ,I can’t love her more than a friend, she’s not my type and you can’t force her on me ,just look at her, is she beautiful ?noo I can’t go for her hmm tell him there is nothing like me getting married to her ,I have someone better than her I will never love her and that your company take care of it your self I had enough” I yelled and turned to leave
“And before you destroy our kingdom I will disown you Prince ” Dad said while I stopped half way to confirm I heard him right
“You said ”
“I will disown you ,you bastard” Dad fired
“Like I care ,do your worst dad I will never accept her as my wife ” I replied he walked up to me and hit my face
“How dare you ” He yelled
“Get me DAd I will never love her ” I yelled and walked out
“It’s right time bro pls wait ” Ewa shouted running after me
I’m ready to claim my love and stop hurting her everyday she’s the one I want I don’t care what follow my decision

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