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My Personal Life Experience – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 14]

My Personal Life Experience

My Personal Life Experience

I was dating a girl by name Nana Yaa. She really loved me and i also love her but i was somehow scared because she was from a well to do family whiles i am from the opposite…

Anytime i raised the topic of my background contradicting with hers, she will get angry at me and say

‘its not your background I am dating. Its you i love and nothing can change  that..”

I was still scared she might dump me and go for another guy who is having the same status like that of hers… She showed me love and really cared about me…

I got a little convinced and started reciprocating her love for me… She was not just my love but like my real sister… She was so good to me. We did almost everything together even though she was staying at Kasoa and i am at Odorkor…

Love was real.. We felt like we were on top of the world, When my friends got to know her and her status, they started poisoning me telling me that I am not her class and that she will one day dump me…

My earlier fears came back again. One most interesting thing the girl does is… She always makes me feel good.. She saw me like her prince and i also saw her like my princess.

But my friends started polluting me.. My friends told me to forget about her. I didnt know what to do because the fact that I was afraid she might dump me, i truly loved her. So does she too.. I was so confused and didnt know what to do……

Hmmm you don’t want to know what happened next… Should i continue?

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