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My Only Sister – S01 E31

Semi Final

RICHARD quietly walked into the sitting room and met Annette; his Annette sitted on the sofa and busy with her pedicure treatments, he smiled

He leaned on the door frame and watched her, and watched his woman

Well, she had finally given him her address after much persuasion though, and since then, he’s been visiting

This was his fourth visit

He looked at his wrist watch and gently walked up to her

Annette looked up and smiled

“Oh Rich”, she smiled and offered him her cheek, he pecked it

“Yeah bae”, he squatted in front of her and looked into her eyes

He smiled, this girl really worth it, he couldn’t wait to take her to the alter

“I’m sorry you have to stop that now”, he twisted his lips

She looked at him, and he nodded

She shook her head

“Well you’ve to wait until…..”

“Please”, he interrupted, gosh! She was stubborn

She hesitated and as he couldn’t wait any longer, he took away the pedicure materials she was holding and dropped them on the sofa, then stood her up

She was confused, what was going on?

“Where we going?”, she asked

He smiled

“Just keep shut and follow my lead”

She nodded, well he should do whatever pleases him

They walked to the hallway and he placed his two hands on her eyes, covering them as he led behind her

They walked to a room and he opened it, still covering her eyes

As they got into the room, he removed his hands from her eyes and gave her time to take in all that was happening


She couldn’t believe what she saw

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Flowers of different kinds with sweet smells scattered around the floor, on the chairs and on the window panes

Lights bulbs of different colours were blinking all around

A slow music played in the background

The room scented so sweet of strawberry candy and she couldn’t help closing her eyes to inhale the sweet smell

But hold on, when has Richard done this?

She’s been in the house all through, so when has he done this and taken her unawares

This guy was a surprise

But what was really happening? Why had he brought her here?

She opened her eyes and saw Richard going on one kneel in front of her


Oh my God, was it?

She couldn’t believe it, her hands closed on her mouth, her eyes were widened in shock

Richard went down on one knee and held out a gold starlet ring before her

He seemed nervous, although he smiled to cover up

“Anne?”, he called, his voice was so emotional, “the past few months I’ve spent with you was something I so much cherish, and just couldn’t afford to miss it, my whole life… entire life”, he paused

Annette couldn’t hold herself anymore, she began whimpering tears of happiness

“The first day I set my eyes on you, I knew it’s you and no other, please Anne, be mine”, he held out the ring to her

She couldn’t still believe it, she was so shocked and absolutely surprised

Everything was…… ohh God, everything was inexplicably

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She looked down at the guy proposing to her and the tears poured out the more, she closed her eyes

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Even though they were so close as friends, he never expected him to make her his wife.

I mean, he’s an actor, d–n rich and she wasn’t even half up to his co-workers, the actresses, yet he chose her

She opened her eyes and looked at him again

“Please”, he said

She nodded and stretched her left hand to him

“Yes, I’ll……I’ll”, she said happily

“Oh my God, you for real?”, he asked

She smiled and nodded


He took her left hand and slipped in the ring

She looked at it, wow!

It was pure gold

“Thank you”, he said and they embraced

“I should thank you Rich, I should”, she laughed

Just then, her phone rang, it was on the sofa by the door

Oh! She hope not, she hope it wasn’t him

Why would he dare mar this sweet moment with his bad memories

She looked at Richard, and he looked at her

“Since you’re not getting the phone I should”, he said and walked to the sofa


Fred picked up his phone and dialed Annette, he hopes she picks

This wasn’t the first time, he’s been calling for ages but she wasn’t picking it up

She was the only hope they had, the only person who could help them

The doctor has said Sochima just had days to live if something wasn’t done, he was scared

As usual she didn’t pick up the phone, he sighed and sat down on the couch

He was sad, d–n so sad

Look what’s he going through now as a result of the crime committed years ago

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He bent his head and a tear escaped his eyes

He was really sorry

“Anne I’m sorry, d–n so sorry”, he muttered, “if you could please just hear me out”, he said

He dialed the contact again, it was the same thing, she didn’t pick up


Richard took the phone and looked into it, the number, yes it was the number

He had noticed this particular number has been calling for ages now, but she wasn’t picking it up, nor making attempt to

He looked at her, and she took her eyes away

He knew she wasn’t telling him something, besides it might got something to do with her family, and she had also been avoiding questions about her family

He walked up to her

“Tell me Anne? Tell me what’s bothering you?”, he asked softly

Annette sighed, that dare devil dare call her to spoil the sweet moment she was having

How dare he?

He had betrayed her and closed chapters with her, why was he still calling?

What does he want? He doesn’t ever want to talk with him, or even have anything to do with him again

She looked at Richard and decided it was time she tell him the whole truth, and not hide anything from him again

“I’m waiting babe”, he said, jolting her back to reality

“Who’s that always calling?”

She sighed

“He’s my ex-husband”

His eyes widened in shock

“I’ll tell you the truth”, she said and flopped down on the sofa, ready to say the truth. ©️

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