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My Only Sister – S01 E11

FRED ran in haste to the garage and straight into his car

He had totally forgotten that his father had asked him to deliver the petrol he bought for the church, for the service the next day

He checked his wristwatch and sighed, he was already late

He hoped the church was still open and with someone inside, whom he would deliver the petrol to

He revved up the car and drove towards the gate

Musa opened up and he drove away, like mad

On getting to the T-junction, he decided to take the shorter way, which would make him get to the church on time, and he swerved onto the street

The street was always quiet and lonely, hence his speedy driving

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As he swerved onto the left, leading to the church, his headlamp fully beamed on some boys by the side of the road, they seemed to be bent over something on the ground, a girl was screaming

And it dawned on him, the guys were up to some mischief

He wanted to ignore and continue on his journey, there wasn’t any more time, but the boys immediately took to their heels, and he instantly halted

He came out of the car and walked up to the girl on the floor, screaming and tossing in pains


He recognized her at once, it was Annette!

How come? Who were those boys?

“Annette”, he called and ran up to her

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He bent over her and laid her head on his legs, looking her over

Then she passed out on his hands


Sochima half ran, half walked into their compound

Her mother was at the entrance, apparently waiting for her, she looked agitated

It’s almost seven and Annette hasn’t yet returned home from the church

They had been worried and so, she had gone to look for her

“Where is she?”, she asked Sochima

Sochima sighed

“I didn’t see her, I walked all the way to the church, she was nowhere to be found”

Her mother’s worries increased

“How come? Where could she have gone to?”

“I don’t know”

Her mother looked into her phone, the time was 7:15 pm

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Ohh my God! Where has she gone to

She waved off the thought of calling her husband, he wasn’t yet back from work

He didn’t want to call him yet, she wanted to handle it herself

“Did you ask the church members?”

Sochima nodded

“I did. Actually I didn’t find any of the choristers, it was aunty Ella that I met, and she said she already left for home”

Her mother sighed, she was about leaving the compound when a call came into her phone

She looked into it, it was Sarah, Fred’s mother

She picked it up. ©️

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