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My Only Sister – S01 E10

PETER was stunned for a moment, staring at Emenike, eyes and mouth wide opened

Surprise and astonishment written all over his face

He couldn’t believe what he just heard. That Annette; his girlfriend, was willing to sleep with someone to execute a fellow girl, just to execute a fellow girl over a boy


It was unbelievable

Was this girl this loose, and wicked? God!

He looked at Emenike, still wondering

“Are……are you sure of this?”, he managed to ask

Emenike laughed

“You think I’m lying to you? Okay if you think so, ask her”, he sipped his alcohol

Peter wouldn’t dare ask her, he wouldn’t dare

This act from her was the last straw that has broken the camel’s back, and he decided to clean his hands off her

Yes, he was finally done with her

If she likes let her sleep with all the guys in the vicinity, it’s none of his business

He sighed and shook his head

“Enjoy yourself biko, this life is only one”, Emenike said, laughing and slapping his shoulders

Peter shrugged himself out of his thoughts, and puffed in smoke, from the cigarette between his fingers


Cynthia had sent the details of the boys to Timi as promised, and Timi had sprung into action

She had met Emenike; the leader and had told him what she needed him to do, unknowing to her, that Emenike was Peter’s friend, hence Peter knowing the plan

She had met Emenike and he asked her to bring a little amount of money and she also had to sleep with him, for her request to be granted

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She agreed, but then, she had other plans

Timi walked into the store to see Cynthia, she was bent over the counter

“Cynthia”, she called

Cynthia looked up

“Hi”, she smiled

“So, I’ve met them, but you gotta pay some money, and you will be the one to go give it to them”, she said

Cynthia was taken aback, this wasn’t what they had planned

“But this wasn’t what we planned”, she said, “I mean, I provided the guys, you give them what they asked for”

Timi laughed and shook her head

“You see, you are the one that wants Fred, not me, I just wanted to help you”, she said

Cynthia sighed

“Okay, but you gotta present the money to them, you said you wanted to help right?”

Timi sighed

“You are getting this all wrong. I talked to them, you do the rest”

Cynthia thought for a while

She had to agree, she really didn’t want to lose Fred to some worthless girl

“Okay, I will. Just tell me when I’m to deliver it”

“That should be later, after I must have asked them”

Cynthia nodded


“Bye”, she turned and left

As soon as she got on the road, she dialed Emenike

That Cynthia of a girl thought she’s smart, but she’s more smarter, she smirked as the call was picked

”Hello Emenike”, she said into the phone

”Yeah Timi baby, how’re you?”

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”Fine, er as regards the other thing I’m to do asides the money”

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”I’m no longer the one to do that, a girl would be coming to give you the money, she’s the one to do that”

”Really? So have you briefed her?”

She rolled her eyes

”She knows. But if she doesn’t agree, then rape her. Force your way into her”

”It’s cool. So today evening”

”Okay. Her name is Cynthia, don’t worry, she would be there”, she smiled

”Okay, see ya”

She ended the call, mission accomplished





Annette was walking along Sunshine street, the street to their house

It was a Saturday evening and she was returning from the church, where she had gone for choir rehearsals

She looked at her wristwatch and hissed, it was already so late. The choir leader had really overstayed the normal time

The street was quiet as usual and that was the main reason she had wanted to leave the church early

On impulse she began whistling the song they had just rehearsed

Suddenly a boy jumped out in front of her and stood, causing an obstruction

Her heart skipped a beat as she stopped in her tracks and looked at the boy in fear

On instinct she turned around to run back and again, a boy was already standing there, also causing an obstruction

Two more boys appeared

How did this happen?

She became scared and her heart beat increased, thumping so loud

In few seconds she was now surrounded by four boys

What do they want?

She couldn’t talk, tears already falling down her face, she closed her eyes and did all she was able to do best at that time, she began muttering some prayers

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Almost immediately the boys descended on her, beating and hitting her with all manner of weapons

She was screaming and crying, trying to overpower, but it wasn’t possible, four boys

They fell her to the floor, and the beating continued

Then they began ripping off her clothes, she pleaded and was begging

“This is just a tip of the iceberg, to teach you to stay away from Timi’s boyfriend”, one of the boys shouted


Could it be possible she’s behind this?

Then a voice jolted her from her thoughts

“Hey boys, there’s an intrusion, an intrusion”, the guy shouted

Then as suddenly as the boys descended on her, they left her and ran

She looked at them as they ran, she was getting weaker and weaker, her strength were gradually leaving her

Was this how she was gonna die?

Her eyes flickering open and close, she laid still on the ground, only her left hand was moving, as she used it to crawl

“Annette”, she heard a voice call, a comforting hand followed as the owner of the voice bent over her and laid her head on his hands

She couldn’t recognize the person nor the voice,as her vision was blurred

But whoever the person was, was a kind soul

And she passed out on his hands ©️

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