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My NYSC Diary And The 21Days In Camp – Season 2 – Episode 4

“Ibadan girls know more INCANTATIONS than bible verses, #Fact#”

Those were my two best subjects in my secondary school days. Even though I have currently lost interest in the subject because of the way things are done in this country, I still have some sort of interest in it especially when it comes to the historical aspect of it. I wonder why history is no longer common in our educational set up now a days. No wonder most of the students nowadays knows nothing about what has happened in the past regarding our government. That made me remember the incident that happened in my class during one of the days I was teaching them. Doing a brief introduction about the students, they are the set of students I never knew still existed. Kudos must go to the Oyo state government for all the unnecessary strikes they caused as a result of not paying the teachers. Now back to the real issue, I was teaching them the military system of government and after explaining how it all started and ended, I decided to throw a cheap question to the class before rounding up the class for the day, then I asked. Who was in power in 1983? The whole class was silent. Then I asked again, I said who was in power in 1983?

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Silence followed again then I decided to ask in Yoruba language. Abi e gbo n i? (Didn’t you hear me?) Ani ta lo waniijobani 1983? I said who was in power in 1983? Then one short boy named Debo sitting towards the back and also known for his mischievous act raised up is hands and said “TayeTaiwo”. All the class erupted into laughter.

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